Best No Code Tools

Best No Code Tools
If we look back 10 years back, we can see that most of the web applications and tools relied on skilled developers all the time. People who are not keen on coding could not imagine using them without a skilled…

How to Start a Blog with Ghost?

Ghost is built for just blogging. Therefore, if you want a website just to publish blog posts, Ghost is a great option. There are two ways you can start a blog with Ghost: self-hosting or using Ghost-Pro, the paid hosted…

10 Best WordPress Commenting Plugins in 2021

Best WordPress Commenting Plugin
Did you ever think whether WordPress native commenting system is able to fulfill every task that a perfect commenting system is supposed to do? So, in this article, we are going to see the best WordPress commenting plugins that are able to make your website with a lot of traffic, backlinks. This will give you a clear idea in order to choose the best WordPress commenting plugin on your own. Let's dive in step by step to find the best WordPress commenting plugin for your WordPress blog.

Hyvor Talk v2

Part 1  – Released on 28th of May  Part 2 – Pending Part 3 – Pending Part 1 We’ve been working on re-writing the whole system in the last month. Why?  We wanted to improve UI/UX and help website owners…