5 Ways to Make Your Blog Look Fancy

At present, blogging has become a trend and something identified as normal. However, there are thousands and thousands of blogs as time passes. There are lots of blogs that exist; every blogger faces several obstacles: driving enough traffic, gaining fame, increasing revenues, creating high-quality content, etc. Basically, most of the bloggers pay their attention to those above-mentioned obstacles. Driving enough traffic is one of them. To drive massive traffic to a blog, a fancy-looking blog helps much more. So, this article covers 5 ways to make your blog look fancy.

During great research that I took forward regarding blogging matters, I conducted a questionnaire among 500 bloggers through the internet. At the end of it, I found that 90% of the bloggers have a problem of driving massive traffic to their own blogs as same as famous blogs have. So, I decided to research much deeper on that problem during the last months. I could see that most of the bloggers are tired of trying common tips to increase blog traffic. So, I started looking and experimenting for some new types of tips to improve blog traffic. Making a blog look fancy is one of them.

If you are a blogger, or a beginner blogger you know how massive traffic means a lot to you. So, there’s no point of arguing about that. I hope that you also have tried common tips for increasing blog traffic. Feeling bored? These new tips will refresh you.

What Is a Fancy Looking Blog & Why Is It Important?

What Is a Fancy Looking Blog & Why Is It Important?

The word FANCY gives the meaning as follows.

“Elaborate in structure or decoration”

Definitions from Oxford Languages

It applies for blogs also. A fancy blog means a blog that can be found attractive or decorative. Dear bloggers, you are dealing with human beings. They love attractive things. So do attractive blogs: fancy blogs. Traffic is People! When working on increasing blog traffic, there are a few important things that must be taken care of. The main focus of this is making people interact with your blog so often. For that purpose, you need to give what people like, love, and what people crave for. You need to identify what they search for. So, if you make your blog attractive-looking, fancy- people would love to interact with your blog and your desire for increasing traffic will be fulfilled.

How to Make Your Blog Look Fancy

This is not that hard or scary.😊 All you need to do it understand how your blog users feel. As I mentioned earlier, people love attractive things. So, what can you do to make your blog look fancy?

1. Use GIFs, Memes on Your Blog Posts

This is a modern world where GIFs and Memes exist. At present, people love humour no matter what their age is. So, when you write/edit posts/ articles for your blog, try using GIFs and Memes. Memes create humour and it pleases blog users. This leads to the path of improving blog traffic. GIFs create some kind of visual impression among blog users and they find your blog attractive. They feel very easy when they interact with your blog. These things make your blog look fancy. See how these simple GIFs and Memes make a huge impact on increasing blog traffic?

2. Add Social Share Buttons, Reactions, & Comments

Users love to share content that they found and read on blogs on social media. So, adding social share buttons cheer up your users and it gives your blog a fancy look. Users also prefer to express their ideas no matter what nature their ideas are. So, enabling comments and adding reaction plugins to create a place to express ideas and carry discussions makes sense. Reactions and comments give a great fancy look to your blog. When you add a commenting plugin and reaction plugin for your blog, remember to choose the best.

3. Use Eye-Catching Colors

This is all about visual impression. Think about this simple situation. When you visit a website, which has harsh colours for your eyes. As soon as you visit, your eyes get bored with it. Isn’t it true? So, use nice colour combinations. Blog users will love to have a look at eye-catching blogs. If you do not have a good taste in colour matching, ask someone for help.

4. Less is Gold

Making your blog look fancy does not mean that your blog has to be decorated with lots of ornaments: decorative borders, neon/ highlight colours, too many images, glitter things, etc. If you put a lot on your blog, your users will find it boring and awful. It reduces the traffic you receive. So, be simple when you organize and maintain your blog.

5. Use Images and Text Editing Features

Using images and text editing features make your blog look neat and tidy: as well as attractive. This makes your blog look fancy. Users love to see images. When you add images, try to choose descriptive images. You can use Bold, Italic, Underline, Quotation and so on as text editing features. Text editing features make your blog post more attractive and fancy. Users love to read such posts. It improves your blog traffic too.😊


Now you have a clear idea on how to make your blog look fancy. I hope this will help you to improve traffic to your blog. If you have any questions please comment below. Leave your experience with the above tips and suggest your own tips as comments. Happy Blogging!✌

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