6 Guest Posting Guidelines You Should Have

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When bloggers want to improve SEO and have good traffic, they start considering guest posting. Guest posting is an effective way of improving SEO as well as increasing traffic. There are several important things you must know before stepping into guest posting: guest posting guidelines.

Everything has a procedure. So do guest posting. First of all, you need to create a “write for us” page. Although a number of strategies exist similar to this step, I recommend you to create a write for us page. Creating a write for us page shows others how formal your work is.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Well, what are you going to include in write for us page? “Guest posting guidelines” indeed.

Guest posting guidelines are the guidelines that a blogger presents guest posters to go through when they post a guest post.

These guidelines may differ from blog to blog or company to company. However, the guidelines I am giving to you are very important and every blogger can use them as their guest post guidelines. These guidelines help you to have,

  • Quality guest posts
  • Quality backlinks
  • Good reputation
  • Good content
  • Attractive blog

Let’s Write Guest Posting Guidelines!

Remember always that this is the very first page (write for us) your guest posters come and see before they start guest posting and this is where they judge your blog too. So, this is important, okay?

  1. Firstly, mention what will guest posters have for doing guest posting on your blog. As guest posting is a symbiotic process, your guest posters would love it. As an example, see the following extracted from Hyvor Talk Blog Write for Us page.What they get
  2. Secondly, pitch how you accept the guest posts or what you expect from them.
  3. Then, mention the process of writing like the targetted topics to be written. Do not forget to tell them whether you allow them to post directly or not. But, according to my experience, let me tell you something. Do not let them post directly. Have an article reviewing process.
  4. Avoid Plagiarism. Check plagiarism in the reviewing process. If they have plagiarized from anywhere, do not ever hesitate to reject that article.
  5. Mention them that Spammy Work is not allowed.Guest posting guidelines
  6. Set a limit of words.

These are the common and important guidelines that you need to have in your guest posting page.


I hope you got an idea about guest post guidelines. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to comment below. Happy blogging!🤘

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