Best Practices when Commenting on Instagram

Human interaction has gone the way of social in 2020 with comments having been part and parcel of an era where letters were in vogue. We spoke a wee bit about commenting history in the blog post 5 Reasons For Enabling Comments. Having a comment box and embedded comments is important. At this juncture, what you’re curious to know is Instagram comments ideas.

The mediums have changed but the reasons for interacting have remained. Blog commenting for SEO is a simple strategy to start building links back to your site while building strong relationships with people in your industry. We look at the 10 Reasons to Get Commenting below.

10 Reasons to Get Commenting

As you would know, and as we have been saying time and time again, comments at the end of the day is content, and when you take the decision to enable comments, it only serves to create more content. 

Caption: You have enough reasons to start commenting

The above list would give you an idea with regard as to why you should get into the space of commenting. We’ve expanded on these 10 reasons below.

1. Social Proof

Based on relevance, it needs to be said that comments will increase social signals and make your comments section entertaining. The comments can help people believe in you, believe in your content and give it a sense of truthfulness.

2. Traffic

Besides getting unique visitors who will help in terms of traffic, you will also have the opportunity of improving your SEO on site. When you have visitors interacting and commenting on your site, you will impact your user behavior metrics like bounce rate and time on site. 

3. Traffic Rankings

Real comments from genuine visitors will help your traffic rankings since they come from different browsers and IPs. 

4. Conversions

The very real fact here is that comments that are relevant can help with a conversion. Herd culture is something that’s real and some only require a bit of convincing. Whether you want more sales, leads, followers etc. having real people making real comments is key. 

5. Popularity 

People always want to join a party, and when your comments section is packed with comments, you just won the popularity vote. You’re assured of getting more people commenting when they already see that your comments section is where all the action is. 

6. Added Value

It’s true when they say that various people commenting under an original article leads to more added value. Picture reading an article on boiling eggs when you have commenters giving tips on how throwing in a lime will help in de-shelling the egg easily. 

7. Stimulant

There’s nothing like a stimulating conversation, and the fact that people giving you their viewpoints could possibly enrich your content calendar in future. 

8. Free Content

Relevant content, which is also FREE user-generated content, in the form of comments will only serve to pad up your article and make it an extension of what you already wrote. 

9. Authority 

In the eyes of Google and in the eyes of other bloggers you will be regarded as an authority in your specific niche. This is all based on the community that is created based on what content you create. 

10. Connections 

One of the best ways to connect and create a tribe is to link up with other influencers who comment on your articles. Imagine having this opportunity where someone who is influential reaches out to you to collaborate. 

Now, let’s segue into the main protagonist of this blogpost, which is Instagram. Is Instagram another medium that has a short shelf life like Hi5 and Foursquare, or is it something that is here to stay?

How Important is Instagram?

As a former Social Media Manager that worked for a digital agency in Sri Lanka, there were plenty of reasons why FMCG brands wanted their presence felt on a platform like Instagram. For one thing, their audience was largely on Insta. The platform itself is very visually powerful. With its content being very attractive, another industry arose out of this medium, which is the influencer marketing industry.

Caption: Instagram stats for 2020

With the pandemic of Covid-19 taking centre stage, social media marketing has taken a huge hit. However, based on the stats in the infographic above, Instagram is certainly here to stay. Like any platform where there are many people being involved, it comes as no surprise that the comments section can be a very divisive place.

You will want to know how do you comment to someone on Instagram. This is precisely why there needs to be a good commenting etiquette in place so that you don’t hurt your brand.

Best Practices when Commenting on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, there is the whole concept of making your profile shine. The litany of best practices is applicable to Posting, IGTV, Instagram Live, Highlights, Hashtags, Stories, and the focus of this blog post — Comments.

You will realize that commenting on Instagram is quite different to how you would comment on a blog or news site. We highlighted this important aspect on Reasons Why Comments are Important for a Blog.

It would be fair to say that Comments on Instagram make up quite a degree of the meat in terms of content. This is why it is best to maintain a sense of transparency and honesty when dealing with fellow influencers and brands in this channel.

We’ve picked 10 of the Best Practices when Commenting on Instagram below.

1. The Law of Reciprocity

Caption: Likes beget likes.

If someone likes and comments on your picture, play by the books and return the favor. Who knows? They might end up giving you a follow.

2. Cause Curiosity

Caption: Fill in the blanks

Under the caption, have a fill in the blanks to create curiosity that will lead to a spate of answers.

3. CTA: Leave A Comment

Caption: Use a CTA like What Do You Think About It?

Make it a point to leave a Call-To-Action (CTA) after you write your caption. This can lead to a cascade of comments.

4. Ask for a Caption

Caption: Request a caption

Post a picture and ask for a caption. It is a surefire way to get engagement.

5. Lead a Thread

Caption: Be courteous and respond.

Respond to every comment you get, this will lead to more conversations, and thus more visibility.

6. Play Tag

Caption: Tag a person or brand

Tag people or brands in the picture you post. This is sure to create engagement and lead to an acknowledgement from the brands you tag.

7. Give Value

Caption: Give value in your captions

When writing a caption make sure you post a value bomb. Your followers are looking for useful value. This is why you need to offer this to them.

8. Don’t Tolerate Trolls or Comment Spam

Caption: Delete spam

If someone is harassing your company on social media, don’t be afraid to hide their inappropriate comments, or even block the individual. 

9. Hashtag Placement

Caption: Hashtag placement is important

Place hashtags in a comment and never in a caption. This is standard best practice.

10. “This or That” Styled Questions

Caption: Which is better?

“This or That” questions are a great way to generate a lot of comments without requiring a lot of effort on the part of users.

To Conclude…

It would be an understatement to say that Instagram is here to stay. There’s a reason Facebook bought over Instagram, but that conversation is best left for another day. For now, remember that Instagram is one of the best platforms to showcase your brand and create an incredible following. I hope the best practices when it comes to commenting on Instagram will help you in crafting out an excellent brand persona for you.

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