#1 WordPress Commenting Plugin

This article is long yet interesting. It explains why Hyvor Talk is the #1 commenting plugin for WordPress.

WordPress is undoubtedly the best content management system as of today. According to surveys, 35% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

What about comments? WordPress has its native commenting system, which is minimal yet functional. While some bloggers prefer using this commenting plugin, others use third-party commenting plugins (using WordPress plugins). On the one hand, using the WordPress native system can be beneficial in some ways such as:

  • You can manage comments from the WordPress dashboard.
  • No need for setting up anything

However, there are major cons:

  • Data Storage – Comments are stored in your database. You have to take care of your data. As anyone is allowed to comment, the high payload can crash your data.
  • Spam comments – Spam is the most famous problem in the native comments system. There are ways to prevent spam. However, it can become a hassle when you have a large audience.
  • Slowness – When your blog grows, using the native commenting system can make your blog slow: super slow.
  • Link Builders – People comment on your site just to build links.
  • No Major Advanced Features – such as real-time comments, comments featuring, voting, sorting in different methods, etc.

To solve all of these problems, you can switch to Hyvor Talk; the best WordPress commenting plugin.

Hyvor Talk and WordPress

Some alternative WordPress commenting plugins extend the native commenting system. However, Hyvor Talk (and most other third-party comments plugins) replaces the native commenting platform.

Once you start using Hyvor Talk, you’ll no longer manage your comments on your WordPress dashboard. You’ll get a new feature-rich console, where the magic happens. Additionally, you can directly moderate the comments from each page, without even visiting the console or your WordPress dashboard. (We will talk about those features later).

What makes Hyvor Talk the Best WordPress Commenting Plugin?

Hyvor Talk is just not a commenting plugin! It’s a platform. The WordPress plugin connects that big platform to WordPress.

So, why is it the best?

This is the most interesting question! There are many reasons.

First of all, Hyvor Talk is privacy-focused, which means that it does not collect your data and sell it to another third party. All the information you give (see privacy policy) is safe. And, it does not track visitors and their actions and sell it to other companies. It doesn’t even place ads on your site!

Q: Other third-party commenting systems, track visitors, place ads, and sell data to monetize their platforms. But, Hyvor Talk doesn’t. Then, how do you make money?
A: We completely run on a subscription model with a generous free plan.

Q: Does Hyvor Talk place ads in the free plan?
A: No, it never places ads/tracking on your site.

1. Affordable

So, here comes the first reason for Hyvor Talk to be the best WordPress commenting plugin. It truly is an affordable system. Our pricing starts at $5/month for 100k page views. You’ll only need to go for the $35/month plan if you are willing to use the single sign-on feature.

Check out pricing & plans.

2. Easy to Install on WordPress

Hyvor Talk provides a plugin for WordPress. So, it’s just installing that plugin and adding your website ID given from the console. (See installing guide at the end of this article)

3. Beautiful & Fully-customizable

Unlike the WordPress native system and other commenting plugins out there, Hyvor Talk is well-designed. You can completely customize the design with few clicks in the console.

Here’s the plugin customized for a dark site.

Commenting Plugin customized for Dark theme

Here’s where you do that magic (the console):

Customizing Colors

3. Guest Commenting

Most third-party commenting plugins do not offer guest commenting (commenting without logging in) or they discourage using it. However, Hyvor Talk talk offers guest commenting and you can even determine the data you collect (email and website) through the console.

Guest Commenting in the console

4. Spam Detection

As we discussed earlier, spam is a huge problem. Hyvor Talk has its in-built spam detector to detect spam in comments. It works based on multiple measurements and it does a good job of protecting your site from spam. To prevent bot spam in guest commenting, Hyvor Talk uses Google Recaptcha.

5. Real-time Comments

Nothing is cooler than real-time comments. What do you feel when you get an instant reply as soon as you publish a comment? Hyvor Talk WordPress commenting plugin will give your users that amazing feeling!

In addition to comments, the following things are also realtime.

  • Reactions
  • Votes
  • Comment editing
  • Comment deleting

Plus, you’ll get a cute real-time “visitors count” on every page.

Realtime online users count

Want to try it out updating in real-time? Go to the home page and scroll down to comment. Then, open another browser window and place it on a side of your screen. Then, visit the home page in that window. You’ll see the online count updating in both windows in real-time. Try publishing a comment. Wow, right? (Don’t forget to try it and other real-time features with one of your friends)

6. Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on is a property of access control of multiple related, yet independent, software systems.


Do you have users signed up on your WordPress site? Using single sign-on, you can allow them to comment using their account – not as a guest or using the Hyvor account.

Thanks to Hyvor Talk WordPress commenting plugin, setting up SSO is just two clicks and one copy-and-paste. (There’s a link at the end on how to set up Single Sign-on)

7. Sorting Comments

Most alternative WordPress commenting plugins sort comments by the latest or oldest. But, Hyvor Talk has a powerful sorting algorithm called “best”. It sorts based on both time and votes. This algorithm is well tested and designed to show the “fresh & best” comments first when users visit.

Yet, it also has the oldest and latest sorting methods. You can also set the default sorting method in the console.

Setting sorting method in console

8. Work with Your Team

Don’t forget to add your team to the console to help you with moderating. The only you’ll need to do is just inviting them from the console to join as a Moderator or Admin.

  • Moderators can only moderate comments.
  • Admins can moderate comments and change some settings.
four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset
Invite your team (Unsplash)

9. Importing Comments

Do you have comments on your WordPress site? No problem. It only takes one-click to import all of your comments into Hyvor Talk.

Importing Comments

10. Multi-site

Do you have multiple WordPress sites? It’s a headache to switch between WordPress dashboards to moderate comments. When using the Hyvor Talk WordPress commenting plugin, it’s just one dashboard. If you like, you can add two domains to the same site. Or, you can create two sites in the console.

Whatever you do, you’ll be able to do all the moderation in one place!

11. Email Notifications

I cannot stress how much this is important. Email notifications helps you to keep your users on your site and bring back them to the conversation. Most of the WordPress commenting plugins out there do not provide this feature. If you use the native WordPress comments, your server will send a very minimal message. (Most of the time, it goes to the spam folder because of unauthorized servers). However, when using the Hyvor Talk commenting plugin, it will take care of all the notifications.

Not only the users but also you (publisher) will receive emails when new comments are published so that you can moderate them quickly. It looks like this:

New Comments notification by WordPress commenting plugin

Hyvor Talk will also send you a weekly report on how your site performed.

12. Reactions Plugin

Reactions is one of the crucial parts in a comments plugin. Users can express their reactions freely after reading a post in this commenting plugin. People say that it is so annoying logging in to react in some reaction plugins. But in Hyvor Talk, users can react without logging in or signing up.

And, more features…

You already understand why Hyvor Talk is better than other commenting plugins out there. Yet, I’m not finished.

  • @Mention users (user receives an email)
  • Voting comments
  • Powerful analytics
  • Set your own rules to moderate comments
  • And, even more (which you’ll experience when using it)

Installing WordPress Commenting Plugin

Let’s see how to install this commenting plugin on your WordPress site. It is as simple as installing any other plugin.

If you are curious, here’s the link to the Hyvor Talk WordPress commenting plugin in official WordPress the plugins directory.

Step 1: Log in to Hyvor Talk console

Add website data
  • Next, you’ll be directed to the install section.
Hyvor Talk Console - Installation
  • You’ll see the same instructions given here if you click the WordPress button. So, instead of that, go to the General section. (In the left menu)
  • Copy the website ID
Copying Website ID to paste in WordPress commenting Plugin

Step 2: Installing the Plugin

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to Plugins -> new.
  • Search for “Comments by Hyvor Talk”
  • Click install
  • Activate the plugin
  • Then, you’ll see the Hyvor Talk plugin in your dashboard.
WordPress Commenting Plugin Dashboard
  • Paste the website ID (which we copied earlier) and click change.

That’s all! Hyvor Talk comments should appear on your posts and pages now.

Lazy loading comments in WordPress

In any plugin, (even in native comments) normal loading can slow down the site. In Hyvor Talk, it is very little. However, you can even eliminate that delay by choosing “on scroll” in the plugin.


Without any doubt, Hyvor Talk is the #1 commenting plugin for WordPress. Even reviews say so.

Reviews on WordPress plugins directory

So, we invite you to try out the Hyvor Talk commenting plugin on your WordPress site. You are free to leave a comment below about your experience.

Other Resources

Even this video shows how to install Hyvor Talk manually, you can get the idea of how to customize Hyvor Talk.

Thank you. ✌

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