Blogging is the Ultimate Way to Market your Brand

Bill Gates was right. Content is King, and the world has realized this with a sense of alacrity in 2020, which is why Blogging is the Ultimate Way to Market your Brand. The world has moved on from print as a medium to a smartphone near you. Netizens have clicked en masse on to various CMS systems like WordPress and Ghost. There are in excess of 500 million blogs out of websites that are in the region of 1.7 billion. is touted as the very first blog, which was started in 1994. Blogging was an exercise in personal expression and many treated it as an online diary of sorts. This thinking has changed today. The journey of monetising a blog is the norm and is fast becoming the status quo.

Types of Blogs

At this juncture we need to consider the different types of blogs that are there. Remember that when it comes to content creation, the whole aspect of creating the right content is mandatory.

Business Blog

In terms of credibility, blogging is known to be the 5th most credible source to garner online information. Consider the Hyvor Talk Blog, which is focused on promoting a third party commenting system that is privacy-focused. It’s true that having a comment box and embedded comments is important. The content serves to offer value and a great deal of education. The ultimate focus is to educate potential customers and convert them into life long customers.

Personal Blog

Personal blogs were the norm when the whole industry of blogging started. Love That Max is an introspective blog that is written by a mother whose son is affected by cerebral palsy. The value in such a blog is offering a great deal of help to do many others who have children who suffer from such a condition.

Niche Blog

It’s true to admit that a niche Blog had the sailors to be profitable. Various niches like fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, music, fitness, and DIY have the potential to become a serious revenue generator. Just A Girl And Her Blog is a great example of a niche blog. Is it profitable? How does $40,000 per month sound?

Media Blog

Media blogs are the ‘new newspapers’ that were in print. With content consumption taking place hourly in the news industry, there is no doubt that blogs in the media industry are non-negotiable.

Reverse Blog

This is where the cumulative writing efforts of many writers are utilized to create a mammoth site of authority. A prime example of this would be Mashable, which is a tech, culture, science and digital media platform, and news website.

Blogging equals Thought Leadership

Wikipedia offers a great definition of a thought leader: “A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.”

The degree of credibility and authority are two litmus tests for blogging success. Consider someone like Seth Godin who has great engagement in whatever medium. His posts on his own blog are shared widely.

Sharing your expertise, experience and knowledge will make you stand out. This is based on what you share and how valuable your content is. Remember — engagement is based on how effectively you solve other people’s problems.

To be a true thought leader, you should also showcase insight and analysis on challenges facing your audience. Your thinking is visionary and thoughtful. It is your passion that will shine through when it comes to the knowledge that you impart.

One thing that thought leaders do is that they always cultivate their follower base. Additionally they are not affairs to court controversy; it is after all, a byproduct of their forward-thinking nature.

Some Things you Should do

Blogging is an excellent way to cement your presence in the World Wide Web. We know this. Of course, choosing to be in the blogsphere is easier said than done. There are quite a few things that you need to ensure you do in order to make sure that you make an impact.

Caption: The 3C’s

The above graphic explains briefly about the 3Cs by Heidi Cohen. If you’re an authority figure who is blogging, remember that you need to start a conversation. This should segue into the space of call-to-action.

First and foremost, you need to think from a strategic point-of-view the objectives of your blog. Thereafter, a content calendar is a must. Seth Godin mentioned how you should make blogging daily a habit.

Once this becomes the norm, consider doing outreach and making connections with bloggers, publications, and other influencers. The part where conversions start is when you engage your audience. This can be done by having a commenting system installed on your blog where you open up the chance to converse.

This is How You should Write

If there it’s one god-like figure who could tell you how to write it would be David Ogilvy. There are 10 tips he offered that are still followed today when it comes to writing. I’ve highlighted 5 in the graphic below.

Caption: David Ogilvy’s tips on how to write

The most important factor here is to relate to your audience; one important tool to do this is to talk simply and effectively. James Altucher on writing says to take a risk and to keep practicing. This is important.

The importance of writing cannot be highlighted enough. With so many blogs being churned out on a daily basis, quality is of importance.

Here’s the Conclusion

Content creation is here to stay. It’s true that the transition towards what’s visual (think Vimeo and YouTube) is going to be the future. Vlogs and blogs should certainly be part and parcel of your content strategy today. At present, the Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics and Facts (Updated for 2020) would given you an excellent idea of why you should take that keep of faith and start blogging. After all, it is a surefire way to build your brand and make a mark in the world.

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