10 Blogging Mistakes that Must be Avoided in 2020

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Blogging Mistakes

When starting a brand new blog, making mistakes is common. But what if I tell you even a basic blogging mistake can keep you bereft of blogging success for so long? Yes, that’s true! That’s why you should keep reading so that you may avoid making these blogging mistakes you must at any cost. Hey digital learners, I’m going to share 5 blogging mistakes you must avoid when starting a new blog. Let’s get started!

1. Less Investing

Blogging Mistakes

I see newbie bloggers not creating a professional WordPress blog. Usually, they begin with free blogging platforms like Blogspot. Because when starting out, it’s quite tempting to think that it’s not worth investing in a blog. It is maybe because they are just starting out, they aren’t making any money, or they just want to test things out. I get it, its human nature.

I myself started with Blogspot powered by Google. But later, once I realized that my free blog lacks many powerful functionalities, I had to change to self-hosted WordPress. There is nothing wrong with making a switch from free to professional WordPress blog. But when you do this, you end up losing your backlink juice that you gained over time by working hard on your free blog. Sure if you know the technical aspects of SEO, you can retain that link juice. But again, keep in mind you need to start over again from scratch and invest time in learning the working of the new blogging platform. So, why not save time by choosing self-hosted WordPress from the beginning? That’s why I recommend you to invest in a custom domain and quality hosting server.

2. Wasting Time

Wasting time in getting a flowery blog design, I mean making a fancy looking blog. I see many new bloggers making this mistake. They spend days and weeks in getting a design that’s similar to the blogs they like reading. And you know what? You don’t need a flowery blog with custom design and plenty of plugins. Get any popular themes like Genesis and begin blogging. Because nobody cares how attractive blog design you’ve got. What everyone cares about is how effective and high quality your blog content is. So, choose any functional design and get started Blogging. Because there are more crucial things to do than wasting time figuring out the best possible design. 

3. Being Obsessed with Analytics

I see new bloggers make when starting a blog is going to worry about blog traffic, revenue, and sales. By saying this I don’t mean you shouldn’t care about your blog traffic, revenue, or business growth. Rather I mean, you shouldn’t be obsessed about these. Checking your blog traffic statistic and analytics once in a while is okay. But getting worried about your blog growth especially in the beginning isn’t a good idea. Because you need to know that it takes some time to build authority and find blog traffic. So instead of thinking much about these, keep your target creating high-quality content that’s SEO optimized similarly as helpful for your blog readers. 

4. Earning Money is Priority

You Must Avoid when starting a brand new Blog isn’t knowing your monetization strategy. Most bloggers start a blog with the mindset that they earning lots of money from blogging, but they chase after every monetization strategy like display ads, affiliate links, selling digital products and things like that. But they don’t know the right strategy to make money from blogging. For example, if your goal is to earn passive income from your blog then display ads like Google AdSense is not the best monetization strategy for this. You should consider using affiliate marketing or selling your own products to make it a really huge revenue.

5. Concerning about Increasing Traffic than Retaining Existing Traffic

In fact, the most crucial blogging mistake is not building an email list. And I see every new blogger making this blogging mistake while starting a brand new blog. I myself made this mistake earlier and I still regret it. One of my blogs was getting almost 70k visitors per month. Many people suggested me to start collecting emails from my blog visitors. But since I’m an SEO guy who knows how to make Google search algorithms favor me, I was more concerned about increasing blog traffic than retaining my existing traffic.

In other words, my blog was leaking huge blog traffic and I was still putting all my efforts into bringing more visitors to my blog. If you’re making this blogging mistake, please be informed that Google, Facebook or the other platforms’ algorithm will not always remain the same. Therefore, start collecting emails of individuals who visit your blog from the very first day. That way you won’t lose any visitor that you acquired from your hard work.

5 basic rules for blog starter

6. Lack of Knowledge of the Audience

The biggest mistake that every new blogger makes is to misunderstand who their audience is. I see several blogs where the bloggers clearly understand the topic, but they fail to connect to their audience with their posts. Bloggers should understand the problems facing their audience and what the audience already is aware of concerning the topic to craft posts that deliver helpful information. Otherwise, the posts include the wrong information or exclude the proper information, creating them too complicated or too elementary. Or, the posts fail to clarify the matter being solved, and also the reader can’t place the data into context. Either way, the post is stuffed with information that the reader can’t put into use.

7. Attempting to be Everything to Everyone


Basically, the biggest mistake bloggers make is attempting to be everything to everyone, or perhaps three or four things to three or four totally different groups. You can’t overestimate the benefits of focusing on something, and also the more clearly and tightly defined your mission for blogging is, the more probably you’re to develop a niche following that’s equally as targeted, passionate and valuable. For example, if you create a blog regarding fitness then don’t plan to cover the disease-related topic. Because disease is another niche. It just suggests that the wealth of topics could be a lot of specific, and ultimately plenty of fascinating and informative, to a smaller cluster of people.

8. Maintaining Quality and Quantity

Blogging Mistakes

So how are you able to keep the quality up while also maintaining a quantity? Take one well thought out topic and break it into very smaller components (within six to seven lines). Not only this approach provides you with each quality and quantity, but also it won’t stimulate a conversation along with your visitors. Start by telling your audience what you’re planning to do; as an example, let your readers understand this will be the “first post of a three-part series”. This easy technique will let your audience understand there’s more to return and help to make the demand for your next piece.

9. Inconsistency


One of the most important mistakes bloggers make is inconsistency, both in quality and in publication frequency. The difficult part is that these two areas of success usually act as opposing forces. The notion that you simply should blog “when you’ve got something to say” is sensible on the surface. But, unless you identify and cling to a publication schedule or a level of frequency (daily, 3 times per week, etc.), it becomes very simple to eventually tell yourself, “well, I don’t really have something to mention.” That’s how your publication consistency drops from five posts per week to three posts to a minimum of one to occasional blogging.

The blogs that are winning over the long-term are those who create publication routine, not supported daily inspiration. But creating publication routine doesn’t suggest. “Let’s just offer a garbage post as a result of I actually have committed to writing three per week.” Quality forever trumps frequency. 5 mediocre posts per week won’t get you as way as two outstanding posts per week. That balance between the requirement to be systematically publishing and also the need for consistent quality is the key to winning long-term blogging.

10. Assuming that They are Celebrities

Blogging mistake

Another huge mistake is, some bloggers assume that they are a celebrity. Stop writing about yourself. Write about something that your readers can realize it’s helpful, fascinating or entertaining. Sure, place your own personality into your content or add 1 or 2 post regarding something that is going on to you and is noteworthy. However, writing on fascinating stuff. Mistakes help you find out how capable you are, that’s why mistakes force you to be perfect.

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