Collect Valuable Customer Feedback on your Help Center with Hyvor Talk Comments

No matter your line of business, we’ll bet that at some point, your customers come to you with questions. These questions could be about how to get started with your product, resolve an error they’re experiencing, or perhaps find more information on how your services are priced.

By introducing a help center into your team, you’ll save your support team from answering the same questions over and over again, and also provide your customers with a way to quickly resolve any issues they have.

What’s a Help Center?

A help center – also known as a knowledge base – is a central place your customers can go to if they need information on your product or services. From your help center, your customers can browse through a library of your product documentation and raise support tickets to troubleshoot issues.

_Help Center Good Software Example_

Help centers are most successful when the whole team collaborates on the documentation that gets published. The best way to build a help center that’s collaborative and easy for the whole team to use is by writing your documentation in Confluence, then publishing it with Scroll Viewport.

Collecting Customer Feedback

Once your team has created your help center, you might be ready to give yourselves a pat on the back. A pat on the back can and should mark this important first step, but your help center is not exactly complete – nor will it ever be.

Consider your help center to be ever-evolving. Your team will constantly update your documentation as your products/services change, and iterate and improve your documentation based on customer feedback.

Collecting customer feedback on your documentation is crucial to:

  • Maintain good feedback loops to build great relationships with your customers so they feel heard.
  • Gather feedback on specific documentation to get the chance to add any missing info or improve content.
  • Curate a community within your customer base so that they can offer their own tips and tricks to other customers.

The feedback you collect from your customers will ensure that new customers are properly onboarded and that existing customers remain loyal due to a great experience with your products/services.

Gather Feedback With Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk integrates with Scroll Viewport for Confluence to enable comments on help center articles.

Help Center Scroll Viewport Article with Hyvor Talk

Once you embed a Hyvor Talk comments section, your customers can comment on, react to and rate the pages of documentation on your help center. The feedback collected can then be used to improve your customer’s help experience.

Hyvor Talk plays very nicely with Scroll Viewport:

  • Privacy is taken seriously: all things ‘GDPR’ have already been handled by Hyvor Talk.
  • It’s easy to set up: add a simple Hyvor Talk ID into your help center and voilà! Customers can comment.
  • Customizing the widget is part of the fun: align your comments box with your company branding.

Build Your Own Help Center With Scroll Viewport

In the spirit of Hyvor Talk’s emoji reactions, here goes: now that you have 👓 this blog post, learned how a help center can resolve your customer’s❓ and how customer 💬 gives you so much insight into how to improve the content on your help center, we hope that you’ll find the ⏰ to try it yourself!

Build a help center so your customers can access your documentation, resolve issues, and of course, leave their thoughts, feedback and reactions!

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