How to Add Comments to Ghost Blog with Hyvor Talk

Introduction to Ghost Platform

Ghost introduces itself as “The #1 open-source headless Node.js CMS”. They have recently published version 3 and also have raised $5,000,000. People like the platform a lot. However, it does not have a commenting system by default. So, you can use a third-party commenting system to add a comments feature to your Ghost blog. This will allow users to engage, share feedback, ask questions, and contribute to your content.

Here are some famous commenting systems:

  • Hyvor Talk
  • Disqus
  • Facebook Comments

In this article, we will be installing Hyvor Talk comments on your Ghost site.

Why Hyvor Talk?

Hyvor Talk is an ad-free, privacy-focused commenting platform that comes with an in-built reaction plugin. Also, it’s fully customizable so that you can customize its colors, fonts, and texts to perfectly blend with your Ghost blog.

Most importantly, Hyvor Talk is optimized to be faster than other alternatives. Therefore, the performance of your site isn’t affected. Additionally, Hyvor Talk supports lazy loading by default.

Installing Comments on Your Ghost Blog

This tutorial assumes that you have already installed Ghost.

Here’s a simple 4-step procedure to install comments on your blog.

1. Sign Up to Hyvor Talk

Go to Hyvor Talk and sign up. (Here you sign up for a Hyvor Account, which allows you to use any service of Hyvor, including Hyvor Groups).

2. Register Your Website

After signing up, you will see the console, where the magic happens. Make sure you are in the “Account -> Add Website” Section.

Registering for Comments
Register Your Website

Then, fill the Website Name and Website Domain.

  • Website Name – A name to identify your website. (You can add multiple websites).
  • Website Domain – Only this domain can access Hyvor Talk for this website. (Don’t worry, you can add more domains later).

Next, click the “ADD” button.

3. Installing Hyvor Talk Comments

Now, you’ll be directed to the install section. Here you will see the installation guides for multiple platforms, including Ghost blog.

Choose “Ghost”.

Choosing Ghost Blog to Install Comments

Then, you’ll see the installation code for Ghost blogs. Copy it by clicking the copy button.

Copy installation code

Now, we have to paste the code in the place we need comments to load. Usually, we need comments on “post” pages.

Go to your post page template, which is usually path/to/your-theme/post.hbs.

In most themes, you’ll see something like this in the theme file.

    <section className="post-full-comments">
        If you want to add embed comments, this is a good place to do it!

Just uncomment the section and add the code between the <section> tags.

That’s all you have to do! You’ll now see the comments on your site.

Customizing the Comments Plugin on Ghost Blog

You can do MAGIC with Hyvor Talk by customizing it. In Hyvor Talk, all the colors, font, and texts are customizable.

1. Customizing Colors

By default, Hyvor Talk has light colors with an orange theme color. However, you can customize all the colors!

Need some inspiration? Check out the dark preview page where we have customized the colors to match for a dark background.

Hyvor Talk Comments on a Dark Page
Hyvor Talk Comments on a Dark Page

Here’s how has customized the comments plugin to match with their website.

Comments plugin customized for Blue background.

You can do it too! You just need to customize these 6 colors in the Console’s Appearance section.

6 colors that run hyvor talk comments

(Tip: There’s a live preview that will help you to see the changes to the plugin in real-time.)

2. Customizing Font

Hyvor Talk currently supports 5 fonts (1 web-safe font and 4 Google Fonts). You can choose one between them.

Customizing colors of Comments on Ghost blog

3. Customizing Texts

Customize texts

What about saying “Let’s start this conversation.” instead of “Write your comment”.

See the customizing guide on docs for more details.

What’s Next?

After installing any comments system on any website, the next part is moderating comments.

I’d suggest you to head over to the Community section and change the settings according to your needs. For example,

  • Turn on/off guest commenting, reaction, and realtime-comments
  • Decide what data to collect when guest commenting.
  • Change the language of the plugin
  • And, more and more… (See all here)

What about Spam?

On the internet, spam is always a problem. Hyvor Talk has its own in-built spam detector. It will filter out most of the spam comments from your site. You can also set your own rules to detect spam.


At the moment of writing this post, out of all the Hyvor Talk users, the second-highest users are Ghost blog users. In my opinion, it’s because of the customizability and the modern-UI of the plugin. Ghost is a very well designed platform. Therefore, it needs a friendly commenting platform. That’s why this guide is here to help you to install Hyvor Talk comments on your ghost site.

I’d love to have your suggestions and questions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! ✌

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