What You Need to Know About Content Curation

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Content Curation

As same as content marketing, content curation plays a major role in digital content management. However, many years ago, content curation was just a buzz word. But, today, it has become something special like many people search about; with the question “what do we need to know about content curating?” I am pretty sure you are one of them. This article will give you a clear answer to the above question. So why are you waiting? Let’s dive in!

What is Content Curation?

Content Curation
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Content Curating

There are lists of definitions given by various people for content curation. However, here is a simple definition regarding it.

Content curation is the act of finding and sharing excellent, relevant content to your audience.

It is one of the popular strategies of content marketing. But, Content curation and content marketing are completely two different concepts. In content marketing, you create your own unique content. Unlike content marketing, content curating does not require a lot of work as you do not need to create new content. In other words, when it comes to content curating, you do not create your own content, you just share content on somewhere with a relevant audience.

Benefits of Content Curating

All places where content is shared and discussed are examples of content curating, including RSS feeds, social media posts, news aggregation websites, and links and articles referenced in blogs. There is no standard type of content either. Websites often curate and share text, video, audio, images, and infographics. We have done content curating for a long time without knowing it: sharing links on other websites, etc.

When talking about the benefits of curating content, it is important to talk about it relying on two sections; benefits for users and benefits for the marketer. Let’s see how this helps users.

How content curation helps users

In present, the owners of the websites main desire to create good, high-quality content on their own websites. As there are millions of websites that exist on the internet and many publishers write & publish a lot of content to the internet, the content has become saturated. So, in this situation, users feel tough to find good content on a certain subject. However, the websites who curate content help users to find good and high-quality content on a certain subject easily.

How content curation helps content marketers

For content marketers- website owners- this strategy helps in various ways. It is beneficial for SEO, improvement of user interaction, learning new things, improvement of own brand, etc. When talking about how this helps SEO; it boosts your site’s SEO by helping you to earn inbound links from other influential websites. Moreover, it also helps website owners by improving user interaction: users interact with websites that have good content. Website owners/ content marketers can also learn new things while curating content.

Strategies of Content Curation

Content curation 
Image credit goes to https://unsplash.com/
Content Curation

There are lots of content curating strategies. However, in this article, you will learn two of the most popular strategies.

  • Sharing on social media
  • Email newsletters

Sharing on social media is one of the most popular strategies of content curating. You can share your own previously published content on social media or you can share other content too. Through this strategy, you can gain many users to your website and have inbound backlinks. Email is another great channel for content curators because it offers direct contact with the consumer. You can deliver the quality content directly to them, saving the users from having to search for it.

Through these strategies, you will be able to curate content as you wish.


I hope you gained something about content curation from this article. I will write another article on content curating strategies. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy Blogging✌

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