4 Tips to Create Quality Blog Content CONSISTENTLY

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In digital marketing, content marketing takes a huge place. Creating quality blog content is the key to success in content marketing. While the quality of the content is important, consistency is also a huge factor that helps you build trust with your audience.

However, creating quality blog content consistently isn’t an easy thing. It requires dedication. In this article, I’ll share 4 tips that will help you with it.

Be Consistent (Source)

1. Join Online Forums

True, online forums contain a lot of spam.

But, there’s a lot of ideas you can find.

Some online forums you can join are Reddit, Quora, and other niche-based online forums.

In online forums, people share ideas and questions. While some questions are typical ones, others are extremely useful questions that don’t have many blog posts written on.

Need an example? This post itself. I was looking for an idea to write a blog post on. While I was searching on a subreddit, I saw the question “How to write quality blog content consistently?”

A library where great ideas are stored
Join a forum to find consistent ideas (Source)

Why did that user post it? Usually, when we got a question we search on Google. We will only post on a forum if Google couldn’t find an answer from Google. So, in most cases, questions on forums equal to less-covered or uncovered topics.

To be sure, I searched for it. Yeah, even there were plenty of resources on how to write great content, they didn’t discuss how to be consistent with that.

You can use the same strategy. Join and subscribe to several online forums. Keep track of the new questions posted every day. You’ll probably find great ideas to write on.

Tip: To find a niche-based online forum, search Google “YOUR_NICHE forum” (Eg: “SEO forum”)

2. Pre-organize content

Finding what to write is hard. So, never forget what you found.

Most of the time, we get ideas about what to write on. But, in a few minutes, we just completely forget about it.

Have a “blog post ideas” list!

A checklist to save great content ideas. It will help to write consistently.
A Checklist

How? The easiest way is by using your mobile phone. Install a task manager app on your phone and create a task “Blog Post Ideas”. Whenever you find an idea, create a rough title and add a checklist. In this way, you will never miss that idea.

Sometimes, you may think this isn’t essential when you have many topics to write. But, we all have that time when we go out of topics.

When choosing the application, make sure that it supports multiple platforms (Your phone, desktop, etc.) so that you can easily access the list, whatever device you are using.

Additionally make sure to save some links of resources where you got the idea. So, you can look back and refresh your mind with the idea.

3. Stay Motivated

Results do not appear overnight.

Stay calm and motivated.

Are you creating original content? Are you creating great content? Don’t worry. You’ll gain traffic to your blog with time.

I’m saying again, “stay calm and motivated”.

two woman jumping on the street during daytime
Stay Motivated (Source)

Recommended Reading: Check out our tips for beginner bloggers and how to stay productive while writing a blog post.

A simple trick that you can use to keep yourself motivated is by rewarding yourself. Got 10 readers for your new blog posts? Wow! Celebrate it by giving yourself a little gift.

Next time, try to increase the number of readers. Go step by step. Practice and improve growth mindset.

It may take months, or even years to find the correct audience for your blog.

4. Learn Consistently

We talked about creating quality content. What is the foundation of it?

It’s learning.

Consistently learn new things.
Explore new ideas.
Find new friends.
Read new books.

Then, utilize your learning. Convert what you learned into words through your blog posts.

Learn consistently and write blog content consistently
Learn (Source)

When you are getting started, it’s important to start with a field that you are comfortable with.

I said comfortable with… not expert in.

How to find a niche or field that you are comfortable with? The easiest way is to ask yourself, “Am I comfortable with talking about this with my friends?” or “Am I interested in learning new things in this field?” If the answer is yes, you have selected the correct field.

Try new things.
Write new things.
Get feedback from your peers.
Share with communities and get feedback.

Always try to expand your knowledge and step out of your comfort zone to find new ideas.


In this article, we discussed 4 tips that you can use to write great blog post content consistently. I hope it will help you become a strong and consistent writer. Please me know via comments if these tips worked for you. Have any other thoughts? Share below.

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