World, Hello! This is our blog!

I am Supun Kavinda, the founder of Hyvor. It has been just 1 month since we launched our commenting platform, Hyvor Talk, officially. The great news is that more than 30 websites actively use it. Yay!

Today, I was discussing with my team about our progress. One significant idea raised helped us understand the responsibility we have. We asked ourselves “Who are we”? We are a service that helps bloggers to increase user engagements through comments (proudly, Hyvor Talk).

Many companies and individuals rely on us for a service. One thing we saw in common among them is their dream of success. Everyone has a dream to be successful one day – we have one, too.

So, today, we are starting this blog with the intention to help our clients to grow their business and make their dreams a reality. We will be hiring experts in the internet marketing field, such as SEO experts, to write articles on this blog and share their knowledge with our clients.

The best thing is that this blog is completely free. Anyone can visit and learn. The only thing we need is their growth.

Here’s what we will be doing.

  • All the posts will be related to Blogging.
  • Solving Problems
  • Giving tips and tricks
  • Complete guides
  • Sharing success stories
  • Sharing case studies
  • And, more…

Here’s what we won’t be doing.

  • No 2000+ words SEO articles (except complete guides). Yes, SEO is essential, but for us, solving your problems is more essential. We will stick to the topic.
  • No low-quality content.

Finally, Welcome to the Hyvor Talk Blog!

Thank you.

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