How to Check Spell and Grammar of Blog Posts

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As bloggers, you all have a great intention of creating quality content. In this case, you have to write quality and trustworthy articles or posts. For that purpose, you should consider punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes before publishing your article. This article helps you to know how to check spell and grammar of posts.

Writing Articles

You can use online tools to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes of posts. Here is a list of online tools that you can use.

The above list is just like a droplet of water from the ocean, trust me there are more tools.

How It is Done

This is how you need to check your articles. Firstly, choose any of the online tools mentioned above or that of others in WWW. After that, select the whole text and copy it, then paste it on the checker. Then check spell and grammar. However, some checkers’ checking procedures may differ like in Grammarly. Most of the bloggers use Grammarly: in my case, so do I. In Grammarly you can either switch on Grammarly keyboard while writing or you can switch on Grammarly keyboard after writing. It will check spell and grammar then. After that, you can publish your article.

I hope you got a clear idea of how to check spell and grammar. Happy blogging!✌

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