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Comments are the most crucial part of blogs, websites, and, social media. Today, commenting on the internet sometimes goes viral and they come harsh. As comments have a lot of impact on people, how to comment better on the internet is something important to talk about. Although, there are many strategies and tips that exist as help for this matter. But, it seems nothing much has changed on bad commenting. In that case, most of the people/readers, blog or website owners show less likely to interact with comments.

Why Most of the People are Bad in Commenting?

To this question, there is no clear answer given. However, generally, it is about the behavior of each person. Many psychologists, researchers have done many pieces of research on this matter. Laurie. L. Dove explains so well whether is there a psychological reason to comment badly on the internet. Laurie says that there is a psychological reason for people to comment badly on the internet. According to social researches, there are several general reasons why people tend to use bad comments.

1. Those People Hate Themselves

 When a person hates himself or herself or their lives they become overly negative and critical of everything. As the perception of this person changes, they become more likely to get offended by normal things-that don’t offend normal people.

2. They Feel Worthless

There are two ways for a person to feel confident, the brave way and the cowardly way. The first is all about raising one’s confidence while the second is all about putting others down. When some people feel worthless they just try to feel better by putting others down

3. They Feel Jealous

 Some people feel very jealous when they see anybody doing anything useful. Those people believe that they are losers. They also believe that they can’t succeed. The worst part that they get very offended by those who are trying to achieve success.

4. They Try to Be Who They are Not

 Many of those aggressive online haters are rabbits in real life. Most of them lack courage and self-esteem. They don’t really dare to say one comment to a person’s face on to face. On the internet, those people try to act strong, confident, and in control. So they use aggression to project this fake image and to become who they are not.

5. They are Miserable

 When some people become sad, they try to become happy. However, when mentally unstable people feel bad, they project their hate and anger on others. They are living horrible lives and they are just trying to make themselves feel a little better by dumping some of their negative emotions online.

The Psycology Behind the Internet Comments

Today, people often tend to post mean comments when they leave comments. Psychologists have shown several reasons why most of the people tend to use mean comments as above. Have you ever think of how those mean comments affect you?

Here are some examples of the mean comments on the internet.

See how people have commented.

Did you know? Internet comments control other people’s minds, attitudes, and, behavior. These comments affect other people in a crucial way. Alexandra of Social Media Psychology has presented in a detailed guide on “how internet comments affect us“. According to her guide, she says negative comments turn out that exposure to online negativity makes our own thinking negative – reading uncivil comments can immediately increase readers’ own hostile cognitions.

Not only negative comments but also positive comments can also mislead users/readers.

When bloggers, writers, website owners receive those kinds of mean comments, they start worrying. This situation leads those people to depression. Negative comments are a part of cyberbullying. It is clear why you should learn to comment better on the internet.

How to Comment Better

Here is the most important thing that everyone must know. We all see bad comments as well as good comments daily. Either the comment is bad or good, be clever when dealing with those comments. Remember, if you react to bad comments as same as they are, it will be a disaster. Humans have a well-developed mind to think twice before a leap. Even if your emotion or your idea regarding something is bad, do not try to comment so rude and critical. People really hate that! What kind of idea you have, you need to have great policies regarding commenting on the internet.

Let’s get started!

Tauriq Moosa says that comment sections are poison: handle with care or remove them. Knowing this truth will be a great help for you all to go through this.

The following general tips are for both readers/viewers and website/blog owners.

1. Control Your Emotions

Your emotion might be sad, happy, angry or anything that people feel. When a person is in a certain emotion such as anger, he/she try to behave in aid of that emotion. When this happens, people comment on using slang and bullying sentences. You have to think twice and calm down yourselves. People are born to work with the right decisions.

Try the following phrases to publish a good comment.

When you need to criticize,

  • According to my opinion, I do not feel this is true….
  • In my opinion,….
  • Well, I think….
  • It would be better….
  • This is what I feel….

2. Use Words Polietly

Although you need to publish a negative comment, there are many ways that you can publish it. Let us think that you criticize an article published on the internet. Your criticizing can be expressed through neutral words like,

  • I read your article, I found something uninterested/ wrong in your article.
  • Would you please consider the accuracy of your content etc

3. Avoid Bullying

Through your comments, do not allow spread bullying. Mean comments usually bully targetted people in a very harmful way than we think.


In short, you have to be very smart and clever when dealing with comments as well as when you comment on somewhere. I hope you learn how to comment better. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Happy Commenting! Happy Blogging!✌

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