Hyvor Talk + Okta Integration Guide

Hyvor Talk is a commenting platform for websites. This guide explains how to allow your users to comment and vote using their account on Okta by connecting it with our system using OpenID Connect (OIDC)-based SSO.


  1. Supported Features
  2. Requirements
  3. Configuration Steps
  4. Testing Integration
  5. Support

Supported Features

Hyvor Talk supports service provider-initiated SSO flow. In simple terms, after integrating SSO with Hyvor Talk and Okta, your users can comment using their account on your system – no more third party accounts needed.

Additionally, they can

  • Upvote and downvote comments
  • Edit and delete their comments
  • Receive email notifications


Single sign-on is only available in our business plan. Check out our plans page for more details on pricing.

  • First, go to our console (create new Hyvor account, if you haven’t)
  • Next, add your first website to the console.
  • Then, upgrade your account to the business plan. There’s a trial period to test single sign-on integration.

Configuration Steps

  • In your Okta dashboard, go to Application -> Add application.
  • Then, search for “Hyvor Talk” and add it.
  • Next, choose the Hyvor Talk application and go to Sign on the tab.
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  • Then, go to SSO section the Hyvor Talk console (https://talk.hyvor.com/console/account/sso), and start creating a new SSO ID.
    • Name: Use anything to recognize your SSO ID (Only valuable if you use multiple SSO IDs in the same account)
    • Type: Choose OpenID Connect
    • Issuer URL: Add your Okta Org URL with https:// part. It looks like https://your-org.okta.com
    • Client ID and Client Secret: Copy them from the Okta dashboard
  • After creating the SSO ID, click “Assign Website” to assign the website to your SSO ID.
  • Next, add the comments section to your website. Our installation section provides methods to install it on various platforms. In most cases, you’ll need to copy the manual installation code and paste it on your website.
  • Finally, assign the profiles to Hyvor Talk application in your Okta dashboard.

Testing Integration

Once you add Hyvor Talk to your website, you’ll be able to log in to the comments section using Okta accounts.

Click login in your comments section.

Then, you will be redirected to log in via Okta.

After logging in, you can use your account to comment.


If you face any issues, please contact us via the live chat in the console or email us at [email protected]

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