Migrating from JustComments to Hyvor Talk

If you previously used JustComments on your site, you can import your previous comments to Hyvor Talk.

Exporting from JustComments

Before getting started, export comments from JustComments. Go to your Account page in JustComments and download the export file.

Importing to Hyvor Talk

  • Sign up to Hyvor Talk. (You’ll be redirected to the console after that).
  • Add your website to the console.
  • Go to this special page.
  • Choose your website and select the previously exported file, and click Submit.
  • Your comments will be automatically imported to your website.

Note: If you see a message something like “This web page took long to load” while importing (it can happen if you have a lot of comments to import), don’t worry. Please visit the console in 2-3 minutes, and the imported data should be there (In the pages and comments sections). Please don’t import the same data multiple times!

Installing Hyvor Talk

Get your installation code from the console’s install section, which will look like this. (YOUR_WEBSITE_ID will be your actual website ID)

<div id="hyvor-talk-view"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
        url: false,
        id: false
<script async type="text/javascript" src="//talk.hyvor.com/web-api/embed"></script>

If you had set data-pageid (a custom pageId) when using JustComments, use the same for HYVOR_TALK_CONFIG.id.


    url: false,
    id: 'this is my id'

If you hadn’t set that attribute, you’ll need to find JustComment’s default identifier from the Hyvor Talk console’s Pages section.

For most JustComments users, this ID is the absolute URL of the page without the protocol. If so, set HYVOR_TALK_CONFIG.id to that. Ex:

    url: false,
    id: "ABSOLUTE_URL_OF_THE_PAGE".replace(/https?:\/\//, "")

Good to know

  • Hyvor Talk does not have a multi-nested comment system. Therefore, multi-nested comments will be changed to single-nested (comments & replies) comments.
  • Hyvor Talk and JustComments both use Markdown-like syntax with several differences. In almost every case, your comments should look the same as before.

Have issues with importing comments or installing Hyvor Talk? You can comment below. Or, chat with us via the console. (The most usual issue is page ID mismatch. We’ll help you with that)

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