Introducing New Analytics and Customization Options

New analytics and customization options are now available for all users!

What’s new in Analytics?

Up to this update, we only showed you the number of comments and page views your website got in a time period. Now, you can see them in a more comprehensive way with our new beautiful charts.

In the analytics section of the console, you can see how your website performed in the following time periods.

  • Today – Grouped by hour
  • Yesterday – Grouped by hour
  • Last 7 days – Grouped by day
  • Last 30 days – Grouped by day

The first metric is the number of comments.

Analytics  - Total Comments
Analytics – Total Comments

You can also see how many comment moderators approved or deleted by changing the active data type to “Approved” or “Deleted”.

Approved Comments
Approved Comments
Deleted comments chart
Deleted Comments

At the bottom, you can see a summary of your moderation history for each period in a pie chart.

Comments summary chart

The next one metric Pageviews. You can analyze how many page views you got.

Page views charts

Number of pageviews is equal to the number of times the comments section loads on your website. If you use lazy loading, you will only see the number of visits that scrolled to the comments section. We track page views in the back-end, which means that this page views count can be a little higher than what you will see in analytics solutions like Google Analytics because of bot traffic.

What’s new in Appearance Customizing?

One of the most powerful features of Hyvor Talk is the appearance customizability. You can now customize the comments section more than before.

  • Now, Hyvor Talk supports all Google Fonts! (988 fonts)
  • You can now set and customize
    • Shadow of the boxes
    • Corner roundness of the boxes
    • Box border size and color
    • Button roundness

These options can be used to create a beautiful comments sections on your website. Feel free to play with the values and make things interesting.

All of these new options live in the Appearance -> UI section.

Appearance - Changing UI

You can follow our appearance editing guide for some help.

What do you think of our new updates? Comment below!

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