9 Reasons All Companies Should Blog

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We recently published a post outlining tips to create a successful business blog. On that post, we got a comment asking “what kind of businesses need a blog”. My straightforward answer is “All Companies and Businesses Should Blog“.

Guest commenter asking what kind of companies need a blog
Comment on the post

Here are 9 reasons why all companies and businesses should blog.

  1. To explain your work
  2. You blog promotes your business 24/7 (Almost for free)
  3. Show your expertise
  4. You engage with your visitors and customers
  5. Improves your SEO
  6. You’ll get more shares
  7. Improve your management skills and productivity
  8. Open new business opportunities
  9. Get more clients

1. To explain your work

So, you started a business with a new idea. Why don’t you share that awesome idea with the world? While you can do that using landing pages on your website, blogs are more powerful for several reasons.

  • Blog posts can convey the idea with a thorough insight
  • You can make arguments and explain them with words and media.
  • People tend to share blog posts more than landing pages.
  • You can indirectly promote your content while educating the readers.

2. You blog promotes your business 24/7 (Almost for free)

This is the most important advantage of having a blog is that it promotes your business even you sleep. No employee does that. In general, most of the successful blogs get traffic from search engines. If you correctly optimize your blog for search engines and write quality content consistently, you’ll get traffic 24/7 for your blog.

Why? People always search in search engines when they get a problem. If you could solve people’s problems, you win! It will also keep users on your website for a long time which results in more SEO.

Reason for companies to start a blog: Because blogs promote companies even the employees are sleeping
Sleep Well – Your Blog will promote your business

3. Show your expertise

When you write blog posts on many interesting topics in your niche, people will see your expertise in the field. How human psychology works is that they use what they trust. Therefore, building trust in the community is a very essential part in converting visitors to customers.

4. You engage with your visitors and customers

A blog is not about your opinion. When you add comments and reactions to your website, you’ll allow visitors to engage and share their opinion. Others who see those comments tend to reply and build conversations.

The other advantage of using comments is that you can get more ideas on how to improve your blog and business. Also, people will share their experience with your business and blog.

In general, one positive review results in more. So, let your users open up their voices through your blog.

TIP: Looking for a modern comments and reactions platform? Try Hyvor Talk.

5. Improve your SEO

If you are new to SEO, here’s what it is in brief. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Simply, it’s a set of practices that you can use to get higher rankings in search engines. Learn more about SEO here.

When it comes to improving SEO, both on-page and off-page SEO is essential. While you can improve on-page SEO by yourself, you’ll need backlinks from other websites to your domain rank and then SEO (The more domain rank you have the more Google will trust you).

When you create a new business blog, there are several ways to get more backlinks such as guest blogging, buying outreach services or guest blogging services, etc. But, all of those methods are expensive. And, in general, no one links to a business website unless they are overly satisfied with your business.

So, what’s the easiest and most affordable way to build links to your site and improve your domain rank? By BLOGGING!

Write quality and educative content every day. Other publishers will link back to your site when they find your content useful.

Important: Make sure to have your blog on a subdirectory or subdomain of your primary domain. Never use external subdomains like example.wordpress.com for a business blog.

6. You’ll get more shares

Here comes the same theory again. When you write quality and useful content for users on your blog, they will surely share it on their favorite social media.

TIP: Add social sharing buttons on your blog.

7. Improve your management skills and productivity

But how? When you grow your blog, you’ll understand at a moment that you cannot handle it alone. When your business and blog grow, you’ll have money to hire content writers and managers.

You’ll get more experience in managing a team, organizing work, analyzing growth, and motivating people. You’ll learn how to be more productive while working on your business and handling a large blog.

So, why don’t you start a blog for your company when you can improve your soft skills at the same time promoting your business?

8. Open new business opportunities

Not only people who use businesses search on the internet but also who run businesses do. They always try to improve their businesses. So, if your business can be the source for them, they’ll visit your site to explore your business. It can lead them to connect with you can have more business opportunities.

TIP: Add links to your homepage and social media profiles in the blog.

two person shaking hands near white painted wall
More Business Opportunities (Source)

9. Get more clients

After all, getting more clients is the primary target of companies to blog. With any controversy having a blog can give you more clients than not having. (Logical right?)

At the start, the conversion rates may be little. But, when a user revisits your site another time, they may remember your site. They’ll notice your contribution to your field. So, won’t they become your clients?

Conclusion – All Companies Should Blog

I outlined several reasons why all the companies should start a blog. Didn’t you still start a blog for your website? It’s time now! In the current digital marketing world, content marketing takes a huge part.

Do you have any idea of other reasons why any company should start a blog? Comment it below.

Good luck with your company blog. ✌

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