SaaS: A Useful Technological Revolution

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A useful technological revolution

The new normal has led to the rise in acceptance of technological innovation. With Covid – 19 ensuring that the world and its economy were disrupted in more ways than one, it has come to a situation where we are reliant on tech more than ever: I am talking about software as a service (SaaS) specifically.  It could be said with confidence that SaaS is no longer a nascent tech movement; instead SaaS is a useful technological revolution.

For the layman, SaaS is simply offering access to a computer program on a subscription basis. As a steadily growing startup, the team behind Hyvor Talk relies on other SaaS products — Slack, for instance — to keep the well-oiled machine of productivity working seamlessly. A big increase in usage of collaborative tools is the norm today. Having a comment box and embedded comments is important.

Why SaaS? There are 5 Reasons

Most SaaS products are web and mobile applications that do not require installation and users pay a monthly or yearly fee for using the product. Those factors make SaaS a great solution for both the provider company and users.

Caption: The 5 Advantages

You will realize (as does our customers) that the advantages shown in the above infograph are a few of the strengths of Hyvor Talk as well. SaaS is a new sales model that has been replacing traditional software licenses for quite some time now. A SaaS product is online software that all users have access to. To give you an example, a few of the most popular SaaS companies would be the Google store of apps or DropBox.

While we are waxing lyrical about SaaS, not everything is perfect; there is the issue of Privacy and Data Protection Issues with the Adoption of SaaS, which we have addressed along with why Hyvor Talk is very secure with all data being confidential.

The Growth of SaaS

SaaS is part and parcel of cloud computing. It could be regarded as being one of the fastest growing divisions of cloud computing. We crafted a nifty infograph showing how fast SaaS is growing within the technological sphere.

Caption: The Growth of SaaS

With growth being almost exponential, it comes as no surprise that more companies are jumping on the SaaS bandwagon. One company that has made huge waves is Slack.

The Advantages of Slack

The best description of Slack is as follows – “Slack is a meeting space, water-cooler, bulletin board, and phone-tree for your whole organizing team.” – which was borrowed from Quora.

As a small startup that is a competitor to Disqus and CommentLuv, the team at Hyvor Talk relies on this excellent productivity tool on a daily basis.

Slack is excellent in more ways than one. It has the unique ability to create separate channels and groups. This has been key in making sure communication is organized and categorized in a way that makes sense. For example, Slack has separate channels for announcements, tech-related troubleshooting, different departments, etc.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and I managed to get a few choice reviews from Trustpilot. It should also be stated that Slack works across a variety of platforms, and is easily accessible. For instance, new users can be invited via email, and can use web-based, desktop, or mobile versions of the application. It offers an excellent integration facility with the likes of Google and Trello.

In Conclusion

I think we addressed how important SaaS is, and how important it is for business. The article – What’s the Future of SaaS? – offers an excellent insight by some industry leaders.

My favorite would be by David Batchelor, President & Co-Founder of who states: “You’re going to see plenty of niche verticals with their own unique software, things that were never online before.”

Interestingly, Google is paying more attention to AI. Imagine SaaS in combination with AI. Philosophical greats like Yuval Noah Harari have predicted the growing importance of AI and algorithms in his third book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. This is the present and the future.

At this juncture with SaaS set to generate USD 141 billion in 2022; it could be said that SaaS is a technological godsend. With this much of potential present, it would be safe to say that we have yet to see SaaS offerings that will offer next-level usefulness with the help of AI.

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