Should you Use Hashtags in your Blog Content?

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Caption: Should you though?

Glorified and sought after on social media, this current generation could easily be called the Hashtag Generation. The hash symbol has been an excellent curative tool to find posts pinpointing a used term. Gradually making its way into emerging platforms and established platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit, we will discuss why you should use hashtags in blog content. Just two years ago in 2018, more than 85% of the top 50 websites by traffic on the Internet use hashtags and their use is common by millennials, Gen Z, politicians, influencers, and celebrities from around the world. Yet, does it make sense to use hashtags in your blog content? We know it doesn’t work in blog comments. Read on to find out more on this interesting topic.

Why run a #Hashtag Promo?

What is the purpose of a hashtag? The answer to this is multifactorial. When used on social networks, hashtags function in the same way as content tags. They help users find content on specific topics – i.e. using #IceCream to find articles and videos on ice cream. The diagram below shows you 7 reasons why you should use hashtags. 

Caption: Reasons why you should use hashtags

A number of consumers are still using hashtags to search for content, and it’s still one of the easiest and fastest ways to gain impressions on certain social media sites.

Caption: Most popular hashtags ever

As you can see in the above diagram, hashtags have been a mandatory part of a social media strategy. That said what really matters is to know how to choose the correct hashtag. This is what we address below.

Caption: Hashtag Analysis

The above diagram shows how to choose and use hashtags. There are various tools that can be used to choose the right hashtag. Moreover, if you choose a hashtag that is too popular, your post will get lost in the shuffle, especially with the influx of bots targeting popular keywords. 

Why use #Hashtags in your Blog Content?

What is the purpose of a hashtag was answered early on in this article when we were looking at the use of it in social media, yet the question now is what is the purpose of a hashtag when it comes to using it on your blog? When used as part of a blog post title, hashtags can help your content show up in search engine results. However, this doesn’t work the same way for your blog content. Hashtags can be a sight for sore eyes, making your post more difficult to read. 

The fact is that you need to ensure a few things. In most cases, we recommend hashtagging the keyword of your piece. Most blogs are optimized for a specific keyword, and you’ll likely want to use this for your hashtag as well. For instance, the keyword term we used to optimize this article is: What is the purpose of a hashtag? You’ll see this hashtag #whatisthepurposeofahashtag on our Twitter profile when we promote this particular post.

Caption: Hashtags are just one piece of a lego set that makes up the whole Content Strategy

When it comes to the art of blogging, you have to focus less on hashtagging and more on the content itself. Since we are on the topic of hashtags and blogs, if you are a content creator, you will note that link building is growing increasingly more important than hashtags. One of the main reasons for this is that hashtags can be spammy, are only applicable for social media, and are at the mercy of an influx of bots targeting popular keywords.

Blogging is a serious part of your content strategy, and using the right intuitive commenting platform is key. We wrote an article on What is a Commenting Strategy? and this shows you why you should invest time and effort in commenting. Having a comment box and embedded comments is important.

All in all, remember that in the lego set that is a content strategy, there are many pieces that complete this strategy. A commenting strategy is just one piece. So too is a hashtag strategy. When looking to craft visibility for you and your brand, take the stance of a marketing strategist that is taking a holistic look so that all pieces fit in beautifully to create that perfect strategy.

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