Top 5 Custom Designs of Hyvor Talk Comments Plugin

If you are already using Hyvor Talk, you know that it is fully customizable. By adjusting the colors, you can make a beautiful comments section on your website. In this article, I’ll show you the top 5 custom designs done by Hyvor Talk users!


BettingLoupe’s background color is blue. They have nicely customized the plugin to match with their own website.

Comments section customized on betting loupe


PixerlzFairy has done a great job in customizing Hyvor Talk to perfectly blend with the dark grey-ish background on their site. Who doesn’t like dark colors?

Comments section customized on pixelzfairy


Kiarash is a developer from Iran. He changed Hyvor Talk’s design with his taste. It’s so cute.

Kiarash changed Hyvor Talk's Design


Petr Závodný is a developer, and he’s customized Hyvor Talk in his site to look very professional, like his blog.


Natasha and Damian run this blog to help people to gain financial literacy. See how attractive their commenting section is.

Those 5 sites are some random findings that I am personally aware of or found in our admin panel. Therefore, I may have missed some of the best custom designs of Hyvor Talk. If you have seen better ones comment below! Feel free to show off your site too (Tip: Post a screenshot as a comment).

If you haven’t customized Hyvor Talk yet, you can learn more about it here.

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