Hyvor Talk v2

  1. Part 1  – Released on 28th of May 
  2. Part 2 – Pending
  3. Part 3 – Pending

Part 1

We’ve been working on re-writing the whole system in the last month. Why? 

  1. We wanted to improve UI/UX and help website owners increase engagements on their websites.
  2. We wanted to support increasing load on our servers, which is now around 200million+ requests each month and over 6TB of data served. We’ve improved our infrastructure.

These are the new updates available in version 2.0 (Part 1).

1. Data hosted in the Europe

Previously, your data was hosted in NYC, and now we’ve migrated all data to a datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany.

You can see our updated privacy policy here.

2. Redesigned UI

Earlier the comments embed took a lot of space on your website, even there are 0 comments. We’ve optimised the comments section to take space only for what matters: comments. I won’t post a screenshot here but you can scroll down to see it in action. Or, you can see the changed comments section on your website now.

3. Custom Reactions

You can now customize reactions from the console.

4. Ratings Widget

You can also replace the reactions widget with a new ratings widget.

5. Mods Love

Now, you don’t always need to reply to comments to show some love. You can add love to the comment from the console or the comments section.

By default, a heart icon will be shown with the website owner’s profile picture.

You can also customize the profile picture at website-level by setting up an Alias name/picture for the website in the Console’s Moderators section.

If you’d like, you can assign this alias to your other moderators so that this alias name and picture will be shown instead of their personal name/picture in this website.

6. More Lightweight

Old Size (gzipped)New Size (gzipped)
Initial JS script35KB3.1KB
Iframe JS106KB30.4KB
Iframe CSS18KB5KB

Simply, we dropped all unwanted dependencies and re-wrote everything by ourselves to minimize JS and CSS size. Additionally, we do not load the Font Awesome icon library in the comments section anymore, which cuts another 90KB.

Lower the size faster the comments section loads on your website.

7. Easier Guest Commenting

The old flow for guest commenting:

  • Type comment
  • Click comment
  • Click comment as guest
  • Fill data
  • Choose profile picture
  • Publish


  • Type comment
  • Fill data
  • Publish

Better, right? Also, now we use Gravatar.com for profile pictures.

8. New Formatting Options

Inline spoilers: !!Spoiler!!

Block spoilers:

>! This is a 
>! Multiline spoiler text

This is a normal one

Strikethrough: ~~I’m striked~~

9. Viewing voters in the comments section

You can view who upvoted or downvoted comments in the comments section. Just hover your mouse over the vote icons.

10. Overview Section in the Console

Total Comments: Growth of Total comments of your website in the last 12 months.

Active Users: Logged-in users who commented on your website each day.

11. Localized Emails

Emails sent to users are now localized based on the language of your website.

Part 2 of version 2 will be released next week.

  1. Remember guest commenting details
  2. Callback support to capture comments and report in analytics services
  3. View voters in the console
  4. Configurations for disabling viewing voters in the comments section
  5. Slack notifications for website owners
  6. Zapier integration

Part 3 will be released next month with these features:

  1. Android and IOS apps for moderating.
  2. Enterprise plan (Contact us if you need more details)

Hope you enjoy new features. If you have any feedback/suggestions or found any bug, comment below.