What is a Commenting Strategy?

We’ve all heard of a Content Strategy, but what is a Commenting Strategy? It could also be called Comment Marketing. To put it in a nutshell, this strategy is a way to earn benefits from community participation. A proper and legal strategy is a clever, intentional way to market yourself and your brand in the comments sections of sites. 

There are many reasons why you should enable comments. We wrote 5 Reasons For Enabling Comments, which is a good starting point to understand the importance of comments. That said remember that comments are not a vehicle for self-promotion. With SEO in 2020, posting personal links and shamelessly promoting yourself and your business becomes a no-follow situation

How to Measure?

Regarding your commenting strategy and if it is successful, you need to see if it’s a strategy that is measurable. Ask yourself these questions:

Caption: Your Commenting Strategy needs to be Measurable

It would be prudent to now segue into an area that deals with how exactly do comments help your site.

How Comments Help

Comments at the end of the day is content, and the enabling of comments only serves to create more content. We’ve come up with 4 ways comments can help, check it out below.

Caption: How Comments Help

Can you think of a 5th reason? Keeping in line with the whole theme of commenting, do comment below on this article and tell us.

To give an example of how Links in the above diagram would work, consider the screenshot of a comment I made on the Hyvor Talk comments section below:

Caption: Get commenting!

Simply use the cursor to hover over your profile and your details are visible.

Caption: See the link?

And that’s how you can create a more visible profile that allows all those interacting with you to know more about you. Yet the meat of any commenting system is a great comment. This is what we analyze next.

The Ingredients for a Great Comment

There are good comments and then there are bad comments. We created an infographic below showcasing 6 ingredients that will make the perfect comment. A great comment will get you value, leverage and visibility.

Caption: The Perfect List of Ingredients for that Great Comment

If we had to choose the main ingredient when it comes to constructing a great comment, relevance would be key. Structure your comment in an organized manner so that you are adding value to the entire conversation.

To Conclude

Writing a great comment is no easy task, and we believe that we have successfully answered the question of what is a Commenting Strategy. Having the perfect commenting system to make the whole experience of commenting is a technological blessing. Having a comment box and embedded comments is important: there is no doubt. With over 77 million blog comments being generated per month it must be said that (if you are a blogger or content creator and are concerned about your appeal), it’s about time you got in on the action.