Why Blogging is Important for Brand Building

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Online brand building is of supreme importance in today’s world, regardless whether you’re an individual or a business. That’s because the year 2020 will most likely change the world as we once knew it, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its various fallouts that affect us in different ways. So, in this article you will be able to fully understand why blogging is important for brand building. Let’s get started!

Online Presence is Key Nowadays

Nowadays, a lot of focus is on online tasks and work as well as online businesses. Rightly so. Because working online, either as individual or business helps us to minimize social contact and try to avoid the Covid-19 contagion.

As interpersonal contact ebbs, the only option we have is meeting people or doing business online.

One of the essentials of having an online presence is brand building. It can work wonders for a person or an organization. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss why blogging is important for brand building. This might provide you reasons to start blogging.

Understanding Brand

A brand can broadly be defined as an insignia, logo, slogan, colors and designs or even content or products that people identify as coming from or belonging to a particular entity, either an individual or a business.

However, the term brand has much deeper meaning. An insignia, colors, product or content and other things are mere objects unless people identify with them. And when large number of people identify with a specific object, regardless of its nature, it becomes a brand.

General Electric or Boeing is a brand because people identify with their products that’re electronics, engines and aircraft, respectively. If people didn’t identify with these products, there would be no GE or Boeing, to explain it in simple words.

For an individual blogger, quality content that people identify with creates the brand. And for companies, it’s products and services.

Therefore, brand building depends upon doing something that helps people identify with you as person, company, product or service.

Importance of Blogging for Brand Building

By the above definition of a brand, it’s clear that your blog should be something that people identify with if you’re serious about brand building as individual or organization.

The points I’ll be discussing are valid for both – individual and business. Bill Gates famously says: “If your business isn’t on the Internet, soon your business will be out of business.” The founder of Microsoft actually speaks about the importance of online presence and brand building with his famous quote.

And blogging is a superb way to create an amazing online presence.

Blogging Showcases Core Strengths

This holds true for a person and business. Blogging helps them to showcase their core or inherent strengths, without the need to brush weaknesses under the carpet. When you blog as an individual, you’re sharing knowledge about a particular field with the world at large. The same holds true for a business. When a business person or blogger creates blogposts about their company, product or service, they’re highlighting the fields in which they operate and their core capabilities in that sector.

For individuals, a good blog can be that defining line between bagging that dream job when compared over other candidates. Because the jobseeker can display the blog during an interview and impress interviewers. If a jobseeker is writing something about the profession or chosen career, they’re already well known among peers and seniors across the globe. You can leverage this image to any employer.

A business that operates a blog also operates on somewhat similar lines. When you blog or have blogposts written for a business, the main purpose is to appeal to people with quality of the product or service to create a good impression that culminates as a brand image. There’s no need to speak about a competitor or rival in the same field. An honest blog about the business is impressive enough to represent the company.

Blogging Drives Marketing Leads

A blog does generate interest in the person or the business. In fact, businesses will testify that most of their marketing leads come from their blogs rather than from their ecommerce or corporate websites. About 80 percent of all consumers, including industrial and business-to-business customers claim that some part of the buying decision is based upon content they read on blogs.

To drive customers or generate interest, a blog has to be honest, independent and at the same time, address specific needs of people. For example, a construction engineer that blogs about some unique ways of using concrete will have a large following worldwide. And a business that blogs about such concrete because they sell it, will find many marketing leads due to this interest. And if the business too runs a similar blogpost, they work in synergy to drive business.

Affiliate Marketing for Brand Building

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way among bloggers worldwide to make some extra cash. In fact, over 60 percent of all online sales are said to occur through affiliate posts and links provided by bloggers. This works in very different ways for individuals and businesses, as I will explain.

An individual that blogs can create a brand image as a superb, honest reviewer and writer of stuff. This tempts consumers to click on affiliate links and buy something. That occurs because they develop trust in the individual over some period of time.

For businesses, it works in a different way. Businesses that offer affiliate marketing are actually opening up countless brand building and sales avenues. When dozens of independent bloggers write reviews about a brand or product or service, the business benefits because these blogposts are directly building a brand. In fact, an affiliate post works like a ‘buy-now-pay-later’ scheme. The business doesn’t have to pay money upfront for marketing and brand building through blogging and bloggers. The money is paid only after a confirmed sale.

Affiliate marketing is one of the mainstays of blogging and the other way round. It helps both to create a brand – the individual blogger and the company that offers an affiliate program.

Educating to Create Brand Image

I’ve come across several businesses that run a successful blog that directly educates people about something of interest while indirectly promoting their products. An excellent example is about a blog on sleep created by a FMCG major from India. This blog operated by the FMCG firm speaks about various issues such as the importance of sleep, proper methods to sleep for superb rest, ways to select a proper pillow and mattress and preventing disease caused by sleeplessness.

The blog doesn’t directly promote any sleeping products. Instead, it just carries the logo and corporate colors of the brand as a subtle reminder. At the same time, it tantalizes people into getting proper sleep. The blog attracts countless visitors daily because sleep concerns everyone. And every visitor invariably goes to the FMCG companies’ sleeping products website to check for solutions.
How’s this possible? Because the blog isn’t selling anything. Instead, it’s merely a channel for education that helps create a need, develops a brand and drives customers. And people trust this brand of sleeping products because they take extra effort to educate them on something very important.

Blogs Help to Understand Trends

To become a brand you need to follow trends. And to follow trends you need to listen to what people want nowadays. This is possible for an individual and business when they blog. How, you might wonder? The answer lies in the comments that your blogposts get from followers and casual readers as well as competitors. Yes, competitors. It’s worth knowing that your mightiest competitor in the market is also interested in knowing what you’re up to.

When you read comments on your blogpost, it helps gain an understanding into what people are actually looking for. This helps you as an individual or business to cater to demands that’re trending. As Albert Einstein puts it: “You cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions.” That’s because outdated solutions won’t find any takers.
When a blog speaks about current trends and not those from yesteryear, it definitely helps in brand building. Because more people will read what you have to say about the business or about your trade or hobby.

Responding to comments signifies your integrity and helps develop a sense of belonging amongst blog followers.

Blogs Help Faster Outreach for Branding

Compared over business websites, a blog has a faster outreach if you manage it well. That’s because you can funnel out emails about the latest content on your blog to countless followers worldwide. This is possible through email marketing, which enables you to let followers learn immediately when there’s a new post.

People will provide their email IDs and subscribe to your updates only when the blog serves their interest. Unless people know that you’ll meet their needs, they won’t part with the email ID. And once you have an email list from followers, it’s faster to reach them and create a brand image.

A lot of businesspersons and individuals wrongly believe that email marketing with email lists from blogs is archaic or even irrelevant in today’s era. That’s a myth. Email marketing of a blog is valid and very important resource for brand building, if we use it judiciously.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing of a blog is very important for anyone that wants to use blogs for brand building. Because techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and email marketing help to promote the blog and get people to identify with it. This eventually helps create a brand image in the minds of people. With right leveraging, it’s possible to create and sustain a superb brand through blogs.

Concluding all, if you haven’t started a blog for your business yet, you can start it today. We have a complete guide on creating a successful business blog. To build a community around your website, you can use embedded comments provided by Hyvor Talk.

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