WordPress vs. Wix: What is more Developer-friendly?

There are many website building platforms out there. And WordPress and Wix stand out of them all due to their user-friendliness and customizability. Another reason you might already know about Wix is probably due to their massive advertising campaign. Both of these extremely popular content management systems have different approaches to creating a website. Both have their own perks and downsides. So, let’s see which one is more-developer friendly and is right for you. We will discuss what CMS is better when it comes to WordPress vs Wix blog.

WordPress vs. Wix: Market share | Source: W3Techs

WordPress is a free content management system used by most professional web developers. Nearly 39% of the web is powered by WordPress. It is extremely popular because of its versatility and other useful features such as plugins, widgets, and templates, or themes. According to W3Techs, it is the most used content management system on the market. On the other hand, Wix is another content management system that takes an unconventional yet user-friendly approach to developing a website with its online drag and drop tools. Even though they have different techniques, both are convenient in their own ways fitting different developers with different needs.

The Overall Difference: WordPress vs Wix

Wix is ideal for people who are just looking to build a website for themselves but has limited technical knowledge of doing so. It is one of the easiest website builders you will come across. The simple interface, attractive templates, and flexibility make it a go-to web building platform for many. However, the prices of the more premium features and packages might go a little over your budget. But it would also save you a lot of time and effort on the other hand.

When it comes to the topic of WordPress vs Wix blog, there are many factors that need consideration. WordPress is a little more on the technical side of the spectrum as it is an open-source platform. Everything is customizable but you might need a bit of technical knowledge to do so. It is mostly popular for its easy-to-install plugins and templates. The customizability and the wide market of free and paid plugins and templates make it stand out. It is comparatively cheaper if you aren’t going to hire a developer.

Ease of Use

WordPress vs. Wix: UI/UX

WordPress can get a little complicated when you are trying to set up a plugin for your website or trying to fix an error. It has plenty of premade plugins but it can get tricky as not all plugins and templates are made for your website’s needs. However, if you can work your way around these setup processes or maybe spend some time watching tutorials, WordPress will give you plenty of versatility that Wix doesn’t have. And if you are good at PHP, HTML, CSS, and basic editing skills, you will be fine on this platform.

Wix is arguably the easiest website builder out of all other platforms. You won’t have to deal with complicated plugins because most of its applications are well optimized and easier to use. The design process is also comparatively easier with its simple drag and drop interface. All the template customizations and applications are just a click away and it is ideal for beginners.

So, Wix takes home the trophy in the overall ease of use department with its user-friendliness and the simple interface.

Designs And Customization

Wix has over 500 free templates that are mostly clean, modern, and professional hence suiting many businesses and individuals. The best part about these templates is that everything is categorized and organized, making it easier to find one that suits the type of website the developer is going for. It also creates a mobile version that works on most mobile devices and you still have the freedom to customize it to your liking. As a matter of fact, over 22 million mobile sites are built on Wix due to its easy design interface and optimization.

WordPress also has hundreds of free templates. But these templates won’t always match your idea of a website. Even though the free template or theme line-up is limited, there are always more premium paid ones. If you want to try out more flashy and elegant themes for WordPress, you should try out ThemeForest, the premium themes and plugins marketplace. However, WordPress will help you create the perfect website if you know a little bit of CSS and HTML.

So in this case both have irresistible perks of their own. However, with a bit of coding knowledge, WordPress will allow you to do wonders for your website. Wix is once again more beginner-friendly in this department, especially with mobile websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress vs. Wix: Organic traffic study | Credit: ahrefs

Despite what you may have heard, Wix actually does very well in SEO. It allows you to change your page title, URL, other alt texts (images), and many other vital SEO options. All of these features come in a cleaner and easy-to-use interface. Everything will be organized and user-friendly in the SEO options. However, there are also some downsides like images being automatically renamed to cryptic names (b5ccca12345rip.png) making it harder for photography sites and such.

WordPress will offer even more compared to Wix. You get some SEO options right out of the box. But the website can benefit more from various SEO plugins the massive WordPress plugin market has to offer. WordPress offers everything Wix has to offer in SEO and a few more plugins dedicated for SEO on your site and to keep track of the site’s SEO performance.

Even though Wix has a few built-in SEO options, it definitely cannot compete with the extra options WordPress offers with a few additional plugins. A study has found that WordPress sites usually generate 49-times the average monthly organic traffic that Wix produces. WordPress takes the crown home in this category with its versatility and effectiveness.


Wix has all the features for you to create a good blog. It lets you create tags and categories for your post and even has scheduling options. The interface is however a little underwhelming compared to other features Wix offers. You have the freedom to add images, videos, GIFs, and galleries to your posts. But you might need to know a bit about HTML, too. This can be a little frustrating and annoying to beginners.  Wix is loved for its cleaner interface and experience, but the blogging experience won’t be as clean. This is because the posting features are quite limited.

WordPress is currently the go-to content management system for many bloggers. It focuses more on blogging options like tags, categories, RSS, etc. and the posting interface and features are quite good. However, you might still need that technical knowledge a WordPress developer should have because you might need to tweak your posts here and there to match your theme and settings.

WordPress is clearly the winner here in comparison to Wix. But there are some other blogging platforms out there if you want a great blogging experience such as Weebly, Squarespace and Ghost.

Fun fact: WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out of the two. You can signup for a free WordPress account and start blogging right away!


Wix has many free applications to add additional features to your website such as booking systems, live chat features, forms to collect data and many more. They are easier to set up and ideal for individuals with limited technical knowledge.

WordPress has thousands of plugins that can make your website stand out. Most of them are free and you can find more plugins that are more premium and polished for a little money. However, once again you must be technically competent in using these plugins because most of them require a little tweaking to fit into your site. But once you do get past the hard step of setting up, the plugins in WordPress are far more useful and beneficial.

So, both platforms can be extended with plugins. And, most embeddable third-party plugins support both platforms. For example, you can install Hyvor Talk comments on Wix and WordPress in almost the same way.

Conclusion: Which One Is Ideal For You?

So who is the winner when it comes to the battle of WordPress vs Wix blog? Both have their own pros and cons. Wix is seen as a more user-friendly or beginner-friendly option comparing to most other options out there. Everything from the interface to the applications is well designed and organized. On top of it all, Wix has a very good support service that will help you out if you get into pickles while building your website or have doubts about features. This official support service includes email, phone, and forum support to assist their customers. This makes Wix a very good platform to build your website on if you are trying to avoid the troubles of manually setting up everything or save time.

WordPress requires more technical knowledge to build a great website. This CMS is an open-source platform where developers can edit their website as per their will and this is one of the main reasons why one would choose WordPress over other platforms. WordPress has a massive plugin and template market giving you more options to choose from. WordPress is ideal for developers looking to take full control of their website’s looks and features and has quite the technical knowledge about setting them up.

And after all, WordPress dominates the CMS market and also powers many famous sites like;

  • Zoom.us
  • Microsoft.com
  • Udemy.com
  • Craigslist.org

Wix powers popular sites such as;

  • Diply.com
  • Honeygain.com
  • Giveme5.co
  • Techbooze.com

We discussed quite a bit about the topic of WordPress vs Wix blog. At the end of the day, when it comes to the topic of WordPress vs Wix blog both are great platforms while Wix is more beginner-friendly and WordPress provides more freedom to developers.

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