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While you can write for your own blog in your free time and get fame, traffic, ad revenue, etc., you can also write for a company and get paid ?. So, we created a list of programs that allows you to write and ger paid as a developer. (ORDER BY per_article_rate DESC)

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(Please review the details at the end of this article before applying and writing)

1. Clubhouse.io ($350-600)

Payment: $350-600 per article
Website: clubhouse.io
Topics: Software development, team collaboration, how-to guides (No language specification).
Audience: Software engineers (focused on team leads)
Learn more: https://clubhouse.io/clubhouse-write-earn-give-program/

2. Honey Badger ($500+)

Payment: $500+ per article
Website: honeybadger.io
Topics: Ruby and Elixir
Audience: Developers
Learn more: https://www.honeybadger.io/blog/write-for-us/

3. Twilio ($500)

Payment: $500 per article
Website: twilio.com
Topics: Generally, development. They encourage to include something related to Twilio services.
Audience: Developers
Learn more: https://go.twilio.com/twilio-voices/

4. Digital Ocean ($300/$400)

Payment: $300 per article ($400 for complex production-focused articles)
Website: digitalocean.com
Topics: DevOps, Software Development, Production System Tutorials, Python, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, and CI/CD
Audience: Software engineers, Cloud Users, Programmers, System Developers, etc.
Learn more: https://www.digitalocean.com/write-for-donations/#anchor–testimonials

5. Log Rocket (up to $350)

Payment: up to $350 per article
Website: logrocket.com
Topics: React, Redux, Angular, Vue.js, Webpack, MobX, GraphQL, Javascript, Front-end development (in general), UI/UX design
Audience: Front-end developers
Learn more: https://blog.logrocket.com/become-a-logrocket-guest-author-7d970eb673f9/

6. Real Python (up to $300)

Payment: up to $300 per article (Unofficial)
Website: realpython.com
Words per article: 1500+
Topics: Python, web development, data science, productivity, psychology, career, and more.
Audience: Python developers (beginners and experts) mainly
Learn more: https://realpython.com/write-for-us/

7. Linode ($100/$300+)

Payment: Minimum of $300 per article. $100 for updating an existing article.
Website: linode.com
Topics: DevOps, Server Infrastructure, Storage, Programming Languages, Linux
Audience: Anyone who uses cloud services
Learn more: https://www.linode.com/lp/write-for-linode/

8. Hasura ($100-$300)

Payment: $100-300 per article
Website: hasura.io
Topics: GraphQL, Hasura GraphQL Engine
Audience: GraphQL users in general
Learn more: https://blog.hasura.io/the-hasura-technical-writer-program/

9. Code Tuts+ ($100-250)

Payment: $100 (Quick tip) $250 (Tutorial)
Website: code.tutsplus.com
Topics: Web Development, PHP, Ruby, Node, HTML5, CSS3,
Audience: Web developers and designers
Learn more: https://code.tutsplus.com/articles/call-for-authors-write-for-tuts–cms-22034

10. Smashing Magazine (up to $200)

Payment: up to $200 per article (Unofficial)
Website: www.smashingmagazine.com
Topics: Anything related to better web experiences
Audience: Web developers and designers
Learn more: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/write-for-us/

11. GitLab (up to $200)

Payment: up to $200 per article
Website: gitlab.com
Topics: Anything related to better web experiences
Audience: Developers, DevOps
Learn more: https://about.gitlab.com/community/writers/

12. Scotch ($150)

The website says “submissions are on hold” at the moment. Check later if they accept.

Payment: $150 per article
Website: scotch.io
Topics: React, Vue, Angular, Javascript, Node, CSS, Python, Laravel, etc.
Audience: Web Developers
Learn more: https://scotch.io/write-for-us

13. Soshace ($100)

Payment: $100 per article
Website: blog.soshace.com
Words per article: 1000-1500
Topics: Javascript, React, Node.js, PHP, Python, Django, Java (including Spring), and Javascript
Audience: Web developers
Learn more: https://blog.soshace.com/write-for-us/

14. SitePoint (~$100)

Payment: $100 or more (depending on the quality)
Website: sitepoint.com
Words per article: 1000-1500
Topics: React, Web Performances, Analytics, Node, Angular, UX
Audience: Web developers
Learn more: https://www.sitepoint.com/write-for-us

Before Writing…

Writing and getting paid as a developer is an effective way to spend your free time and receive an additional income. All of the above-mentioned companies are high paying ones. So, you have to keep the following things in your mind before applying and writing.

  • Read the guidelines. All companies have different guidelines. Make sure you have read and understood them.
  • Quality over quantity. Why do companies hire you instead of hiring a $5-$25 authors on freelancing sites? They need QUALITY.
  • Expertise. While “Expertise” does not mean being an “expert” in the field, you have to understand how things work. You have to know the best practices. Moreover, you must have experience.
  • Writing Skills. You are going to write. So, you have to have that skill. If you think you lack those skills, first search the internet “Writing Skills”. Spend a week or two polishing your skills. You don’t have to be the best writer but you have to have the skills to express your thoughts to the reader – even if it’s a programming tutorial. Make sure to check your writing with Grammarly (It’s a free tool). The Hemingway app (free) can also help you.
  • No Reposting: NEVER share the same article to multiple websites. Always publish original content written by you. If you need to publish it to Medium, DEV, your personal blog, etc. first ask the company.
  • Hitting the word rate isn’t the thing: The reason behind the word rate per article is SEO. Google prefers long in-depth articles. Even some topics are best described when they are short, you have to be withing the word range giving by the company. However, keep in mind, Quality is what they expect. If you run out of words, you can use keywords tools to broaden your topic.
  • Write for free before getting paid: Before applying, you will need to have experience in writing. So, you have to write articles and publish them. Medium, dev.to, Hashnoce, dZone are nice places to build your writing personality.
  • Not for promotions or backlink building: It’s okay to share your experiences openly. But, make sure your purpose isn’t promoting your work or backlink building.


If you aren’t familiar with the general procedure,

  • First, you apply for the Guest Writer position (See How To Apply).
  • Then, you will receive an email (or via any other preferred method) if you are accepted or not. (Usually with 1-2 days, or in rare cases several weeks)
  • If accepted,
    • In some cases, you will be assigned to an editor who will help you through the process.
    • You can start writing the first article. The topic is usually pitched while applying. If not, send your pitch to the companies and get accepted.
    • Then, send your article.
    • They will review your article and let you know if there are changes to be made. In this case, don’t take it seriously – they are helping you to improve.
    • After making changes, they will let you know that the article is on the way to be published. (See Benefits below)
    • They will send you the money (See Receiving Payments below).
  • If not accepted,
    • Worst companies say you are not accepted by not sending an email. If it is your case, skip that and try another one. Don’t spam the contact form.
    • The best companies will let you know why you are not selected. This email is one of the best emails you can receive in your life. Read it carefully and improve yourself based on their recommendations. After about 3-4 weeks, resubmit an application.

How to Apply

While filling the application, follow these tips:

  • Add one or two links of previously written articles to the application.
  • Be yourself. Say them what you are doing, what are your passions, why are you special, what have you done, etc
  • Have you developed some awesome stuff? Be sure to include it.
  • Keep the introduction short.

Payments Per Article

While some companies have a fixed rate per article, others have a rate that varies upon several factors. In most cases, these factors are not revealed. They will review your article and decide the payment.

Receiving Payments

Usually, companies pay via Paypal. If your country doesn’t support Paypal, ask them for other payment methods. Be sure to do that before writing, because not every company supports alternative methods.

Other Benefits

  • Everything is Remote: Take your laptop. Start working.
  • Learn: You’ll always be learning something new. You’ll learn how to organize an article, express your thoughts in words, write better blog posts. As a result, you’ll be a better developer and communicator.
  • Money: You’ll get paid (Oh, yes. That’s the focus of this article)
  • Readers: How sweet to have people reading your content? As most of these websites get huge traffic, your article will be read by thousands of people.
  • New Team: You’ll join a new team. Hence, you’ll find new amazing people and learn more team skills.
  • Tactics: You’ll learn marketing strategies that companies use to promote their content. You can implement it on your own website.
  • Special Offers: Some companies will have special offers for you. So, why don’t you get them? Ex: Access to their developer docs.


Q: This list doesn’t include websites in my field. How can I find some?
You can follow the trick that we followed. Search on google: YOUR_KEYWORD "write for us" (Ex: PHP "write for us").

Q: How many days it will take to receive my payment?
They will send you the payment after publishing the article. Paypal only takes 1 day. However, wire transfer can take 5-7 business days.

Q: How many articles can I write per month?
It depends on the company. In most companies, you can write unlimited number of articles and get paid. So, please ask them.

Note: Hyvor Talk isn’t affiliated with any of the above companies.

Is there any other developer-oriented company you know that pays at least $100 per article? Please let us know in the comments. We will consider adding it. Additionally, do you have any other thoughts? Feel free to write below. Hyvor Talk team always helps you to improve.

Thank you!

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