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Hyvor Talk is a commenting platform for websites. We help our users (mostly bloggers) grow their traffic by sharing useful content on our blog. And, we are looking for guest authors!

Here’s how it works:

  • Hyvor Talk Blog accepts quality, unique guest blog posts.
  • We do not charge for guest posts.
  • All posts should be about one or more of these
    • Blogging
    • Digital Marketing (especially Content Marketing)
    • Productivity
    • SEO
    • CMS, CMS Tips (WordPress)
  • Solely promotional posts are not allowed.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed.
  • We only accept articles with more than 1000 words.
  • We only accept posts in English.
  • Posts will be published from a “Guest Author” account. If you contribute consistently, we’ll create an account for you on our WordPress blog.
  • Our editor will edit the article a little, add some images if necessary, and help you make your article one of the best. We always care about quality over quantity.
  • Important! Link Policy
    • All links are do-follow.
    • One article can have 3-7 external links.
    • However, you can only include one link from one domain.
    • These links should be blog posts and should give context to your guest post.
    • Adding any link to homepages, landing pages, community pages will result in rejection.
  • We are only connecting with other real bloggers. So, if you are a freelancer who publishes guest posts, we are sorry but our blog isn’t the place for you. Please let us know the URL of your blog in the email.

Like to write for us? Send an email to [email protected] with the article attached or not. You don’t need to wait 5 business days – we publish articles as soon as possible.

Email Format

Subject: Write for Hyvor Talk Blog
I’m John Doe, a blogger, from example.com. I would like to write a guest post on your blog on “How to add comments to Squarespace”.

(If you have any questions, ask here. Then, attach your blog post to the email).


Good luck!

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