Commenting Guide

This guide explains

  • How to publish, edit, and delete comments
  • How to use Hyvor Talk Console to see your comments published on various websites.

Publishing Comments

You can comment on Hyvor Talk in 3 ways.

1. As guests

If the website owner has turned on guest commenting in their community settings, you can publish a comment as a guest. Guest comments cannot be edited or deleted.

Guest Commenting

If the commenter has set up a Gravatar account, we'll use it as the profile picture using the given email.

2. Using Hyvor account

The default login system for Hyvor Talk is Hyvor. If Single Sign-on is not enabled on a website, users can use their Hyvor account to comment. The same account can be used to comment on websites across the Hyvor Talk network.

3. Using Single sign-on

Some websites may have set up Single Sign-on (SSO). You'll need an account on their system to publish a comment on those websites. Hyvor accounts cannot be used to comment on SSO websites.

Editing and Deleting Comments

You can edit or delete comments in the comments section itself. When you are logged into the same account, you will see the edit and delete buttons.

Editing and Deleting Comments inline

Hyvor Talk Console for Managing Comments

Commenters can also visit the My Comments section of Hyvor Talk Console to manage comments published using their Hyvor account. It can be used to

  • View comments
  • Delete comments
  • [Comming Soon] Edit their comments
  • [Comming Soon] See replies