This documentation explains everything about commenting on a website that uses Hyvor Talk. If you are a website owner, you may share this document with your users.

Guest Commenting

Guest comments allow users to comment without having to log in.


Each website uses one of the following authentication methods:

  1. HYVOR: Log in with a HYVOR account.
  2. SSO (Single Sign-on): You need an account on the website you are commenting on.

While the login methods are different, both Hyvor and SSO users have access to the same features.

Writing Comments

Hyvor Talk provides a Rich Text Editor for writing comments. This means that while most comments are text-based, commenters are able to add rich content like images, GIFs, and embeds to comments.

Note that the Editor is highly configurable. Therefore, some websites may disable some or all of the following features.

1. Text Styling

The following text styles are supported. Most styles support Markdown-style shortcuts.

2. Links

You can add links to your comment by using one of the following methods:

  1. Select the text you want to link, click the link icon in the toolbar, paste the URL, and click "Add Link"
  2. Type the URL, select the text, and click the link icon in the toolbar
  3. Use Markdown syntax: [Text](URL)

3. Images

You can upload images and add them to your comment. The maximum image upload size is 2MB for Premium websites and 5MB for Business websites. PNG, JPEG/JPG, GIF, and WEBP formats are supported. Use one of the following methods to upload an image:

  1. Upload from your computer. The image will be uploaded to Hyvor Talk’s CDN.
  2. Link to an external image. The image will be linked to the original location (URL). The image will be displayed as long as the external server allows.

4. GIFs

While you can upload GIFs from your computer as images, you can also search for GIFs easily and add them to your comments. Click the GIF icon below the comments box and search for the GIFs and add them. This feature is powered by Tenor.

5. Embeds & Link Previews

Hyvor Talk supports embedding rich content from 1000+ platforms including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. To embed, click the Link button in the comments box, paste the URL, and choose “Embed”. If the link is not embeddable as rich content, it will be shown as a link preview (bookmark). This feature is powered by Iframely.

The URL you are embedding should be publicly accessible. Contents behind logins are not embeddable.

6. Code Blocks

Type ``` in a new line to add a code block. Code blocks will be highlighted autmatically using highlight.js.

7. Mentions

You can mention other commenters. In the comments box, type @ to see suggestions. You can only mention commenters who have published at least one comment on that website. The mentioned user will receive an email notification with a link to your comment.

8. Math (KaTeX)

You can add math equations to your comments using KaTeX. Type $$ to start a math block. The math block will be rendered automatically.

Other Features

1. Blocking Users

You can block other users to hide their comments automatically in the future. They will also no longer see your comments. To block a user, first, open their user profile by clicking on their name or profile picture near their comment. Then, click the “Block User” button.

2. Online Users

On each page, you can see the total number of online users on that page, which is updated as users join or leave the page. This online count is the total of logged-in and guest users. If the website has enabled it, you can also see who is online at a specific time on a page.

3. Badges

Moderators of the website can assign you up to 3 badges. These badges will be displayed alongside your name in your comments and the website profile.