Formatting Comments

You can format comments to make them look better. Common formatting options are available on all websites. Website admins can turn on/off some advanced formatting options from the console.

Choosing formatting options in the console

Hyvor Talk's formatting is similar to the Markdown standard. However, some syntax is different.

Note that you can click on the "eye" icon in the comments box to preview the formatted comment before publishing.

Formatting Preview

Inline Styles

  • Bold - *Bolded Text*
  • Italic - _Italic Text_
  • Underline - __Underlined Text__
  • Inline Code - `Inline Code`
  • Strikethrough - ~~Striked Text~~


[Link Anchor](Link)

Ex: [Hyvor Talk]( will be resolved to Hyvor Talk.

If you add bare URLs with the protocol (Ex:, they will also be resolved to links.


1. List Item 1
2. List Item 2

* Unordered List Item 1
* Unordered List Item 2


You can add blockquotes by starting the line with >. Multi-line blockquotes are supported.


> This is a blockquote Another line


This is a blockquote Another line

Use a blank line to exit from the blockquote.


Inline spoiler: !!Spoiler!!

Block spoiler:

>! This is a block
>! Spoiler


Codes are supported by default and will be highlighted using highlight.js.


Your code here


<?php declare(strict_types=1);
echo "Hello World";


<?php declare(strict_types=1);
echo "Hello World";

The highlighter supports all major languages. If you skip using "Language", the highlighter will auto-detect it.


The format of emojis is :emoji_name:. Hyvor Talk will start showing suggestions when you type : and one letter. You can also select emojis by clicking the emoji icon. You may not see this icon if the website owner has turned off emojis.

Selecting Emojis

Images and GIFs

You can directly link images and GIFs in the following format.

![Image Name](Image URL)

Ex: ![Farming](

The Image Name will be used as the alt attribute for search engines and screen readers. The Image URL should be absolute.

If you are logged in, you can upload images or paste an external URL of an image by clicking the Image icon in the comments section.

Image Uploading Hyvor Talk

Or, upload a GIF.

Image uploading GIF

All images will be hosted at GIFs are powered by Tenor.


The following embeds are supported. Add a valid URL in a new line to convert it to an embed.

  • Youtube videos
  • Twitter posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook posts and videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Giphy GIFs


Creepy Mr.Bean


Embeds in Hyvor Talk

Other links in new lines will also be converted to embeds (link previewing) if they have valid Open Graph meta tags.


KaTeX can be used to write math in comments. This feature is disabled by default. Website owners will need to turn it on if their audience wants to write math in comments.

Inline Katex: (Start and end with $$)

Equation: $$ c = \pm\sqrt{a^2 + b^2} $$

KaTex Inline

Multi-line KaTeX: (Start and end with $$ in new lines)

KaTex Example

\frac{1}{\Bigl(\sqrt{\phi \sqrt{5}}-\phi\Bigr) e^{\frac25 \pi}} = 1+\frac{e^{-2\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-4\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-6\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-8\pi}} {1+\cdots} } } }

KaTex Multiline