Hyvor Talk offers a plenty of features to make moderation easy. This page explains how to moderate comments, users, IPs, and pages.

Here are the other moderation related pages:

Comment Statuses

A comment can have one of the following 4 statuses:

Status Description Visitors can see?
Published Published comments Yes
Pending Pending comments No
Deleted Comments deleted by moderators No
Spam Comments detected as spam No

Comments deleted by the author will not be shown to visitors or moderators. They are permanently deleted.

Moderating Comments

Moderators can moderate comments

Moderating Comments from the Console

Console → Comments section lists all the comments of your website. You can filter them by:

You can also search for comments using the search box.

Moderating Comments - Console

Changing the comment status

You can use these buttons to change the status of a comment:

Moderating Comments Status - Console

Replying and editing

Then, you can reply to the comment or edit it.

Moderating Replying and Editing - Console

Deleting permanently

To delete a comment, first, click on the "Delete" button to change the status to Deleted. Then, click on the "Delete Forever" button.

Moderating Deleting Permanently - Console


Moderators can up/down vote on comments from the Console. Their account will be shown as the voter.

Moderating Votes - Console

You can see who voted by hovering over the vote count. You can also delete user votes if you want.

Moderating Votes Deleting - Console


Moderators can "love" a comment. Unlike votes where the moderator's account is used, loves are website-wide.

Moderating Loves

In the comments section, you can see something like this (Loved by {YOUR WEBSITE NAME})

Moderating Loves in the Embed


You can feature one or more comments. Note that you can only feature top-level comments, not replies.

Moderating Featuring

Featured comments will be shown at the top of the comments section.

Moderating Featured comment in the Embed

Flagged Comments

Your readers can flag comments they think are inappropriate. You can see them in the Flagged section. Each comment will have a flag icon on the right side with the number of flags.

Moderating Flagged Comments

You can click on the flag icon to view all flags, including the flagged user's details and the reason for flagging (if provided).

Moderating Flagged Comments View

Moderating Comments from the Embed

Most of the moderation features are also available in the Embed. Click the moderate icon to see them.

Moderating Comments from the Embed

Moderating Users

Moderators can moderate users from the Console. Hyvor Talk has three types of users (learn more):

You can only moderate HYVOR and SSO users. Use IP Moderation to moderate guests.

User State

A user in your website has one of the following states:

State Description
Default The user is active and can comment/vote
Banned The user is banned and cannot comment/vote. They will see a message saying that they are banned.
Shadowed The user is shadow banned and cannot comment/vote. They will not see any message. Their comments will be visible to them, but not to others.
Trusted The user is trusted and their comments are automatically approved, without going through spam detection or rules.

Viewing Users

Console → Users section lists all the users of your website. You can filter them by their state, or search by their name or email.

Moderating Users - Console

Click on a user to view their details and moderation options.

Moderating Users Moderate - Console

Here you can,


You can assign badges to your users. Badges are visible to everyone. First, go to Console → Settings → Badges and create badges.

Moderating Badges - Console

You can assign badges to your users in the Comments section, in the user moderation panel, and many places where the user's name is shown.

Moderating Badges - Console

You can also use Badges with Memberships.

Moderating IPs

If you have Settings → Embed Configurations → Privacy → IP Moderation enabled (enabled by default), you can moderate IPs from the Console.

To open the IP moderation panel, click on an IP address near a comment.

Moderating IPs - Console

IP states are similar to user states.

Moderating Pages


When pre-moderation is enabled, all comments will be held for moderation. They will not be visible to anyone until a moderator approves them.

You can enable pre-moderation for a specific page from Console → Pages → [Your Page] → Pre-Moderation.

Pre-Moderation - Console

Or, you can enable pre-moderation site-wide from Console → Settings → Embed → Configuration.


Closing Pages

You can close a page from Console → Pages → [Your Page] → Closed. When a page is closed, no one can publish new comments on that page. Users will see a message like "This page is closed for new comments." in the comments section. However, they can view existing comments.

Closing Pages - Console

Moving Data

If your page-ids change due to some reason, there is an easy way to move all the data from the old page to the new page. Go to Console → Pages → [Your Old Page] → Move Data.

Moving Data - Console

Then, in the modal, select the new page and click Move. This will move all the comments, reactions, ratings, votes from the old page to the new page.