Moderating Comments

Hyvor Talk offers a plenty of features to easily moderate your comments. You can see the comments of your website in the Console -> Websites -> Comments section of the console.

Comment Types

Comment Status

There are 4 statuses comments can have. A comment has only one status at a time.

Comment Type Description Visitors can see?
Published Published comments Yes
Pending Pending comments No
Deleted ( 🗑) Comments deleted by moderators No
Spam ( ❕) Comments detected as spam No

You can filter by status in the console by using the top buttons.

Top Buttons for Moderating

Note that flag (🏴) is not a comment status. It lists the comments flagged by readers.

Main Comment Actions

You can perform a 3 main actions to change the status of the comments section.

Moderating Comments Actions

  1. Approve - This will change the comment status to "published"
  2. Delete - This will change the comment status to "deleted"
  3. Spam - This will change the comment status to "spam". Similar comments will be automatically marked as spam in the future.

Other Comment Actions

  • Reply - Reply to the comment. Moderator's Hyvor account will be used even if it is a Single Sign-on-enabled website.
  • Edit - Moderators can edit the comment. Currently, users won't notice. But, in a future update, users will see the edit history of the comments
  • Love ( ♥️) - Add a love to the comment. The website alias will be shown with the love icon. Love icon will shown like this with the comment in the Embed.

    Love Icon

  • Feature ( ⭐️) - Features the comment in the page. This option is only available for top-level comments.

    Featured comment

Behind The Scenes

  • When someone comments on your website, Hyvor Talk first checks if website-level or page-level pre-moderation is turned on. If yes, we mark the comment as "Pending", and keep the comment in the moderation queue. If not, we will move to the next step.
  • Then, we run HT Spam Detection Bot on the comment to check if the comment is a spam.
    • If yes, moderators will see the "Spam Detected" tag with the comment, and it won't be shown to others until approved by moderators.
  • Next, we run Moderation Rules on the comment. Comment's status may be changed based on the Moderation Rules you have set.
  • If the comment's status is now "published", it will be shown publicly.
  • At this time, we start our asyncronous spam detection. It takes about a 3 seconds to continue. If the comment is detected as spam, comment status will be changed to "spam" and will not be shown publicly anymore.
  • After that, Moderators can change the comment's status from the console manually.

Additionally, moderators can ban users by their account or IP address. See Moderating Users.