Moderating Users & IP

We are still working on updating this guide for the recent changes to our system.

Banning Users

Moderators can ban Hyvor users when they comment on their website. Banning a user prevents him from performing any action after that. Yet, he can see the comments on your website.

  • Go to Moderate -> Comments and find a comment published by that user
  • Click "Moderate User" in the comment
  • Finally, click BAN

After using the above steps to ban a user, the BAN button will turn into UNBAN. You can simply click it.


  • Go to Moderate -> People section.
  • Then, Blocked Users tab.
  • Here you will see the banned users. Click the Unblock button to unblock.

Banning IPs

If someone spams on your website using multiple accounts or using guest commenting, you can ban them by IP address. You can see their IP address with their comments in the Comments section of the console when they comment.

Copy the IP address and add it to People -> Banned IPs section to ban that address.

We are currently developing more robust tools to analyze and moderate users with ease.