Hyvor Talk allows you to add moderators to your website. There are three roles for moderators:

Note that Hyvor Talk is billed at the account-level. Therefore, the owner's account subscription is assigned to all websites that the owner owns. Admins or mods cannot manage the subscription.

Inviting Moderators

You can invite any HYVOR user as a moderator on your website. Enter their HYVOR username or email at Console → Settings → Moderators.

Inviting Moderators in Hyvor Talk

Moderator Badge

You can set a "Moderator Badge", which will be shown next to the moderator's name in the comment section.

Adding a badge to Moderators in Hyvor Talk

Moderator Alias

You can set an "Alias" for moderators. This will be shown instead of the moderator's name in the comment section when enabled. This is useful for company representation. Make sure to set up an alias name and picture and enable it for the moderator.

Adding an alias to Moderators in Hyvor Talk

Transfer Ownership

You can transfer the ownership of your website to another moderator.

Transfer Ownership in Hyvor Talk

Connecting SSO accounts

If you are using Single Sign-on, you can connect SSO accounts to moderator accounts. This will allow them:

Connect SSO accounts to moderators in Hyvor Talk