Privacy FAQ

This page summarizes and explains some common parts of our privacy policy in a Q&A format. Use the original privacy policy for any official reference.

1. What information do you collect from the visitors of my website?

We only collect the information that is necessary to run the commenting platform and make better communities. We save user's visit time (not personally identifiable) for analytics purposes. And, we save the IP address of the user only when they publish a comment. IP address is one of the most important metric for moderators to get rid of spammers by banning them by IP. We do not use IP addresses for any other purposes.

2. Do you track users?

No. Even the same user visits two pages that have Hyvor Talk embedded, we do not know that the user is the same user. We are completely focused on helping websites building better engaging communities - not tracking users or their activities for advertising or data analysis.

3. Do I need to show cookie consent if I use Hyvor Talk?

According to GDPR and ePD (ePrivacy Directive) you are not required to show cookie consents to use strictly necessary cookies (login cookies). At Hyvor Talk, we only use a cookie to save the user's login status across * Therefore, using Hyvor Talk does not require you to use cookie consents on your website.

4. How do I add Hyvor Talk to my privacy policy?

Here's a minimum template that you have use in your privacy policy.

This website uses Hyvor Talk service as the commenting platform. The comments and other data exchanged are stored securely within the Hyvor Talk system. Your personal data will be processed and transmitted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, please refer to their privacy policy.

If you use Single Sign-on, this sentence will be necessary.

We use Hyvor Talk's Single Sign-on feature to connect our userbase with the comments system. Your account details will be used when you choose to comment.