Integrating OIDC SSO

Make sure to read the introduction before integrating Single sign-on with Hyvor Talk. This guide explains how to set up SSO in Hyvor Talk using OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol.


  • A Hyvor Account with a business subscription.
  • An identity provider that supports the OpenID Connect protocol.


OpenID Connect Single Sign-on

  • Create a new application in your login provider, and whitelist as a callback URL.
  • Go to the Single Sign-on section of your website in the Console.
  • Turn on Single Sign-on, and choose OpenID Connect as the SSO type.
  • Set Issuer URL to the absolute URL of your issuer (Ex:
  • Copy and paste client ID and client secret from the application.
  • Click "Save"

Note: Up to now, we have successfully tested this method with the following identity providers.

  • Auth0
  • FusionAuth
  • Okta
  • Amazon Cognito User Pools
  • Azure Active Directory

The following providers are not supported

  • Azure Active Directory B2C (Lacks userinfo endpoint)

Some providers have slightly different OpenID Connect implementations. So, if you run into any problems, feel free to contact us.