Subscriptions & Payments

This guide explains how subscriptions & payments work at Hyvor Talk. If you want to see the features and limitations of each plan, please refer to our plans page.

Free Plan

Starting from the 5th of September 2020, the free plan is no longer available. Please see this announcement for more details.

Free Trial

We offer a 14 days trial with all features. After the trial, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue the service.


  • We have 2 paid plans: Premium and Business.
  • Those plans have sub-plans based on pageviews.
  • All of those plans have the option to subscribe monthly or annually.
  • All payments are charged in USD.
  • We use as our merchant of record. It handles taxes for us, and the taxes will be added to your subscription based on your country.
  • After subscribing, you'll be charged automatically in the next months. The Paddle will send you an invoice to the email you used in the checkout.


We reset pageviews count on the 1st of every month. You can see your previous and current monthly page views usage in the Account -> Stats section of the console. This includes pageviews from all of your websites.

Exceeding Pageviews Limits

We will send you an email when you go beyond the monthly pageviews limit of your current plan. However, everything will work perfectly even you exceed the limits. You are required to upgrade your plan if your monthly traffic was not affected by unexpected traffic spikes.

Changing Plans

You can switch between plans anytime. Both upgrading and downgrading are prorated and you will be billed immediately when changing the plan. We will show you the exact amount you'll be charged before you update the plan in the console.

Refund Policy

You can ask for a refund either

  • within 7 days after subscribing to a paid plan for the first time.
  • within 3 days after changing a plan (we will only refund the prorated amount of the new plan).

We invite you to test our service in the free plan before subscribing to paid plans. We also offer a trial period for our business plan. Please contact us if you want to extend the trial for up to 14 days.

Failed Payments

If your payments fail, you'll receive an automatic email notification. If the issue persists, we will contact you personally after a few days. If the issue is not fixed within 15 days, your subscription will be cancelled.