How to install Hyvor Talk on Blogger?

This guide covers how to install Hyvor Talk on a Blogger website.

1. Register your website at Hyvor Talk

  • Visit the console. (This requires a Hyvor Account)
  • Add your website to Hyvor Talk at the Account -> Add Website section.
  • If you have multiple domains, add them at Moderate -> General section. Only those domains will be able to load comments. If you have www subdomain, make sure to add that too.

2. Install on Blogger

Method 1: Using Default Widget

  • Visit the Install -> Blogger section in the console.
  • Click the "Add to Blogger" button. Then, you will be redirected
  • Choose the correct blog and click "Add Widget" button on that page.

Method 2: Manual Installation

If the default widget doesn't work, use manual installation to install Hyvor Talk on Blogger.

  • First, turn off Blogger default comments section. (Settings -> Post, comments, and sharing -> Comment Location -> Hide)
  • Then, copy the manual installation code from Install -> Manual Installation section in the console.
  • Visit Blogger Layout and click "Add a Gadget".
  • Choose HTML/Javascript.
  • Keep the title empty and paste the copied code in Content.
  • Finally, move the gadget to the place you need to show comments (Usually below the Blog Posts).