How to install Hyvor Talk on Ghost?

This guide covers how to install Hyvor Talk on a ghost-powered website.

1. Register your website at Hyvor Talk

  • Visit the console. (This requires a Hyvor Account)
  • Add your website to Hyvor Talk at the Account -> Add Website section.
  • If you have multiple domains, add them at Moderate -> General section. Only those domains will be able to load comments. If you have www subdomain, make sure to add that too.

2. Install on Ghost

  1. Copy the following code.

    <div id="hyvor-talk-view"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var HYVOR_TALK_CONFIG = {
            url: "{{url absolute="true"}}",
            id: "ghost-{{comment_id}}"
    <script async type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
  2. Open the template file of your Ghost theme which is usually post.hbs in your theme folder.

  3. Search for the following code in that file.

        <section className="post-full-comments">
            If you want to add embed comments, this is a good place to do it!

    Then, replace the "If you want to..." line with the copied code. Then, uncomment the block (remove the lines which contains {{!-- and --}}).

    Make sure to replace YOUR_WEBSITE_ID in the code with your actual website ID which can be found in the console.

Additional Steps after Installing