How to install Hyvor Talk on Squarespace?

This guide covers how to install Hyvor Talk on a Squarespace website.

Important: Squarespace only allows Javascript code injecting in their Business and Commerce plans. Therefore, you will need to subscribe to one of those plans to use Hyvor Talk. (It will also work in the trial period)

1. Register your website at Hyvor Talk

  • Visit the console. (This requires a Hyvor Account)
  • Add your website to Hyvor Talk at the Account -> Add Website section.
  • If you have multiple domains, add them at Moderate -> General section. Only those domains will be able to load comments. If you have www subdomain, make sure to add that too.

2. Install on Squarespace

First, make sure that you have turned off Squarespace default comments globally.

This installation uses Squarespace's Code Injection

  • Navigate to Pages section in your Squarespace editor.
  • Open settings of the writing section
    • Writing section can be Blog, News, or something else depending on your theme. (Usually indicated with a pen icon)
    • Click the cogwheel icon to open settings.
  • In the settings panel, navigate to Advanced -> Post Blog Item Code Injection section.
  • Copy and paste the following code in the text box. Make sure to replace YOUR_WEBSITE_ID in the code with your actual website ID which can be found in the console.
    <div id="hyvor-talk-view"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var HYVOR_TALK_CONFIG = {
            url: "{permalink}",
            id: "{permalink}".replace(/https?:\/\/.+?\//, "")
    <script async type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
  • Save and verify everything works fine.


Will I lose my comments if I change the domain? No. When using the above code, Hyvor Talk will recognize each page using the URL slug. Therefore, changing the domain of your website won't cause issues as long as the slugs are the same.