How to install Hyvor Talk on WordPress?

If your website is WordPress-powered, this guide covers how to install Hyvor Talk using our WordPress Plugin.

1. Register your website at Hyvor Talk

  • Visit the console. (This requires a Hyvor Account)
  • Add your website to Hyvor Talk at the Account -> Add Website section.
  • If you have multiple domains, add them at Moderate -> General section. Only those domains will be able to load comments. If you have www subdomain, make sure to add that too.

2. Install Hyvor Talk WordPress Plugin

  1. Login into your Wordpress admin panel
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Type hyvor talk in the search box
  4. Find the plugin Hyvor Talk by Hyvor
  5. Click install now and activate the plugin
  6. Go to Hyvor Talk plugin and add your website ID and click Change

Note: Your website ID can be found from the console.

Additional Steps after Installing