Moderating Comments

Hyvor Talk offers a plenty of features to easily moderate your comments. First, navigate to Moderate -> Comments section of the console.

Comment Types

In this section, you will see 5 comment types.

Comment Type Description Is visible to public?
New Newly published, unapproved comments Yes
Approved Comments that are approved by the moderators Yes
Pending Comments that are pending moderation because of Pre-moderation No
Spam Detected Spam detected comments by the HT Spam Detection Bot No
Deleted Comments that are deleted by the moderators No

The Logic

  • When someone comments on your website, we first check if pre-moderation is turned on.
    • If yes, we will directly add the comment to the "Pending" section and it won't be shown until approved by moderators.
    • If no, we will continue to the next step.
  • Then, we run HT Spam Detection Bot on the comment to check if the comment is a spam.
    • If yes, we will add the comment to the "Spam Detected" section and it won't be shown unless approved by moderators.
  • If a comment pass the both of above validations, the comment will be shown publicly. Moderators can see this comments in the "New" section.
  • After that moderators can approve or delete the comments.
    • If approved, the comment will be, from then, shown in the "Approved" section.
    • If deleted, the comment will be, from then, shown in the "Deleted" section.

Comment Actions

There's two actions moderators can perform on a comment.

  1. Approve - Comment will be approved and marked as not spam and not pending.
  2. Delete - Comment will be deleted (Moderators can restore them later, if needed).

Additionally, you can ban a user.