How to troubleshoot SSO?

After settings up Hyvor Talk Single Sign-On, you may run into errors. Usually the errors are shown in a red box.

Here are some possible errors.

Error Message Fix
SSO hash, loginURL, or userData is empty Recheck the sso object in the installation code.
Invalid SSO ID Make sure the SSO ID is correct. Find it at Console -> Account -> SSO.
Private key cannot be found. Maybe the SSO ID is wrong. A rare error. Make sure the SSO ID is correct. If the problem persist, delete the SSO ID and recreate one.
Website owner should create SSO Ids Only the owner of the website can create SSO IDs for that website. If you are an admin or moderator, ask the owner to create one.
SSO hashes do not match You have generated an invalid hash from the server-side code. Recheck it.

If there's any other error or no error at all, get help from our team.

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