Hyvor Talk Affiliate Program

Earn 30% from every referred user - forever!

How It Works

Share your referral link

Get your referral link from the Earn section of our console and share it on your blog, social media, youtube, or anywhere else.

Sign up within 30 Days

Users have to sign up and add their first website to the console within 30 days after clicking your link. They don't need to upgrade yet.

Earn 30% recurring commision

Whenever they upgrade to our paid plans, you earn a 30% commision on each transaction. This recurs as long as they stay with us!

Payouts to Paypal

We hold commisions for 30 days. After that, we'll send you the payment to your paypal email. Usually, our payouts are sent on the 1st of each month.

How to promote Hyvor Talk?

Hyvor Talk is a beautiful and fully-customizable commenting platform websites.
We do not track users or sell visitor's data to third parties.
We are already trusted by thousands of clients.
We are a profitable and growing SaaS startup.
Our target audience is bloggers and news sites.
Even Hyvor Talk is free for certain page views per month, most bloggers upgrade to paid plans to get additional features such as adding moderators, real-time comments, etc.
Our key features are single sign-on, branded emails, and branding removal which are only available in the business plan (starts at $35/month).
You can earn more by targeting business blog owners (for our business plan)
Visit our plans page to learn more about our pricing and features.
Don't forget to tag us on Twitter (@HyvorTalk) when you create content about us.
If you want more details about Hyvor Talk, please contact us via the live chat.

Simple and Straightforward Analytics

Affiliate Analytics


Can I join the affiliate program without being a customer?
Yes, you don't have to be a Hyvor Talk customer to join the affiliate program. However, you'll need a Hyvor account and use the same console as our customers. Affiliate program is handled in the "Account -> Earn" section of the console.
When do referrals expire?
When the user clicks on your affiliate link, we create a cookie that expires in 30 days. If he signs up to Hyvor Talk trial and add their website to the console before 30 days, our system knows that you referred that user. Whenever he pays us, you get a commision.
What if the user click on another affiliate link after clicking my one?
If that user hasn't added his first website to the console, the commision will go to the latter link owner. If the user has already added their website, you'll get the commision even he clicks any other links.
What is the minimum threshold for payouts?
When you have unpaid balance of at least $50, we will send you the payment to your paypal account. Note that we hold commisions for 30 days in case of refunds.
Do you support any other payout methods?
We can send the money to your bank upon request. Minimum threshold for bank transfers is $200. If you need to get the money to your bank, please contact us.
How do I get started?
Click the button below and sign up for a Hyvor account. Then, you'll be redirected to the console. Get your referral link and start sharing! That's all! You can see your stats in the same console.
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