Pricing Documentation
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per month
1 Website
Unlimited Comments
Unlimited Pages
40,000 Pageviews/Month
Branding Shown
per month
15 Websites
Unlimited Comments
Unlimited Pages
1 Million Pageviews/Month
No Branding
per month
250 Websites
Unlimited Comments
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Pageviews/month
No Branding
Subscriptions can be canceled anytime from the console.
Feature Free Premium Unlimited
Websites 1 15 250
Maximum Comments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Pageview per month 40,000 1 Million Unlimited
No Branding
Single Sign-On
Instant Email Notifications
Multi Languages
Moderation Console
Advanced Spam Filtering
No Ads Shown
Color Customizing
Draft Saving
Code Highlighting
Text Formatting
Frequently Asked Questions
I have reached the limits of the free plan. What should I do?
You can upgrade to the premium or unlimited plan according to your needs.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription from the console anytime you need to.
What happens if I cancel the subscription?
Your account will be downgraded to the free plan. If you are within the limits of the free plan, you can continue using it. If you have exceeded the limit of the free plan, you will need to re-upgrade.
If I subscribe to a plan, do all of my websites get upgraded features?
All the website that are created from your account (which you own) will be upgraded. Note that the websites you moderate won't be upgraded. Ask the owner of that website to upgrade their account to get upgraded features.
  • Website Owner - The person who adds a website to Hyvor Talk. This person should upgrade his/her account to upgrade that website.
  • Website Admin - A person who moderates the comments, but also have privileges to change settings
  • Website Moderator - A person who moderates the comments.
I have more questions to ask. How can I contact Hyvor Talk?
  1. Create a thread on Hyvor Talk group on HG.
  2. Contact us on Facebook.