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Hyvor Talk is a privacy-focused, fully-featured commenting platform for blogs and news sites.

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Hyvor Talk powers 10,524 websites and counting*
*Updated daily.
"Moved from Disqus to Hyvor Talk months ago. Good extension. Continue to good work. Thank you Devs."
WordPress Blogger
"Great commenting platform for any website with advanced moderation word filter tools"
Verified User
Verified User
Online Media Owner
"If you're looking to add commenting to your website, Hyvor Talk is a great choice. I love it! It's very customizable!"
Easy Installation
Embed comments on any CMS or static site using plugins or manual installation code.
Fully Customizable
Only a few clicks needed to customize the comments section to make it feel like a part of your website, not an external plugin.
Privacy-first, No Ads
Hyvor Talk protects end-user privacy "by design", and we are GDPR Compliant. No affilliate links, tracking codes, or ads placed on your website.
Top-notch Moderation
Moderating shoud be fun. IP moderation, shadow banning, trusting, assigning badges, email moderation, and many more options to make your life easier!

Just 3 Steps

Signup to Hyvor Talk and add your website's name and domain to the console.
Copy & Paste
Copy the given code and paste it in your website's source code.
Customize & Enjoy
Customize the colors, ui, and texts and enjoy Hyvor Talk on your website.

14 Days Trial

Enjoy all features for 14 days. No credit card required.

More Features

Hyvor Talk has all the features you need to build a community around your website.

Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On (SSO)
SSO allows users to comment using their accounts on your website.
No Spam
Spam Detection
Trainable spam detection system, powered by Akismet®.
The comments embed is available in 30+ languages.
Email Notifications
Email Notifications
Email notifications for users on replies and mentions, and for you on new comments.
For Teams
Add your team members as admins and moderators to help you with moderation.
Moderation Rules
Moderation Rules
Automate moderation with advanced moderation rules. Ex: keep comments with links pending for review.
User Badge
Assign badges to users to reward them for their contributions.
Paid Memberships
Enable paid subscription memberships. Powered by Stripe.
Data Ownership
Data Ownership
You own your data. Export them anytime in Hyvor Talk JSON or WordPress WXR format.

Built for scale

Hyvor Talk is used by thousands of websites with millions of users and comments every month.

Monthly Users
Monthly Pageviews
Monthly Comments


Hyvor Talk integrates with many platforms and frameworks.

JS Frameworks
Use our WordPress plugin to embed comments on your WordPress website.
Hyvor Blogs
Hyvor Talk is free for Hyvor Blogs users. Learn more.
You can use Hyvor Talk on any platform that supports custom code. View docs for installation guides.
Get notified about new comments on your Slack workspace and moderate comments from Slack.
Use @hyvor/hyvor-talk-react package
Use @hyvor/hyvor-talk-svelte package
View docs for installation guides.

Built for developers

Developers are first class citizens

Data API
Data API
Our Data API allows you to access public data (comments, pages) in JSON format. Useful for building custom front-end widgets.
Console API
Console API
Any action you can do in the Hyvor Talk Console can be done using the Console API.
Use Webhooks to get notified when a new comment is posted, updated, or deleted.


Adding icing on the cake, Hyvor Talk provides multiple widgets to make your website more interactive.

Comment Counts
Reactions are the easiest way to get feedback from your readers. They can react to your posts with a single click. This widget comes with the comments embed.
Hyvor Talk Reactions Widget
You can completely customize the images and texts in the widget to match your website's design.
Hyvor Talk Reactions Widget - Customized
You can use the ratings widget to allow your readers to rate your posts. This widget comes with the comments embed as well.
Hyvor Talk Ratings Widget
Adding comment counts to index pages or to the top of your posts can increase engagement on your website significantly.
Hyvor Talk Comment Counts Widget
View comment counts docs to learn more.
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