Memberships allow you to earn a subscription revenue from your community. Users can subscribe to a monthly or annual paid plan on your website (via the comments section). In return, they will get a badge on their profile, which will be shown along with their comments.

To enable memberships, turn on the "Enable Memberships" option in Console → Settings → Memberships and connect your Stripe account. You will be asked to provide your business/personal details to verify your account.

How it works

This feature is built on top of Stripe Connect. After you enable Memberships and set up your Stripe account, the following things will happen:

Check out Stripe website for more details on payouts and tax responsibilities.

Configuring Memberships

After you enable Memberships and connect your Stripe account, you can configure membership plans.

Creating Plans

You can create up to 3 plans for your users. Each plan has a monthly price and a badge. The badge will be shown along with the user's comments.

Membership Plans


On each charge,

For a €10 example charge from an european card,

Future Plans

If we see more interest in Memberships from the community, we have plans to improve it with the following features: