Hi 👋,

We created Hyvor Talk as a privacy-first (no ads, no tracking) commenting platform to help website owners to build a community on their websites easily. Hyvor Talk was started as a personal project and has now grown into a commenting system that powers a lot of communities.

  • 🤟🏼 2000+ websites
  • 📈 30 million+ monthly pageviews
  • 💾 6TB+ monthly data served

We are a fully boostrapped company, which means that we haven't raised any capital from any investor. We have run the platform from the money our customers pay us since day one. It also means that we work everyday to improve our platform in a way that is beneficial for our customers, not for someone looking to x their investments. We are commited to protect privacy of all users. We will provide a commenting system that will help website owners grow an engaged community on their websites and provide all the moderation and spam detection tools they need.

How Hyvor Talk works

Hyvor Talk is a fully hosted commenting sytem. It is simply a combination of two parts: Console and Embed. Console is where website owners moderate comments and control their community. Embed is the comments section that is shown in client websites.

You can use Hyvor Talk as a website owner or a commenter, or both. Here's how it works:

  1. First, a website owner registers his/her website to Hyvor Talk console, and add the Embed to their website.
  2. Then, visitors will see unique Hyvor Talk comments sections on each page of that website.
  3. Visitors can use Hyvor Talk to comment on those pages (There are multiple commenting options, which are explained in the Commenting Guide).
  4. Website owner (and his team members - also known as Moderators) can moderate the comments from the console.


Installing Hyvor Talk is pretty straightforward. It is done by adding a HTML code to your website's source code. We also have some plugins (ex: WordPress plugin) that makes the process easy. Read the installation guide to learn more.

Single Sign-on

If you already have a login system on your website, you can connect it to Hyvor Talk using Single Sign-on. It requires some coding in the back-end. Please check the SSO Docs for more information.


If you previously used another commenting system, you can migrate comments to Hyvor Talk. We currently support importing comments from two commenting systems:

If you have a lot of comments from another comments system, we have a custom migration solution too.


We do not track visitors, sell their data, or place ads/affiliate links on websites. We use a subscription business model to monetize the service. We charge the website owners based on monthly page views they get. Commenters can comment on any website without a subscription plan. Our plans are designed to be flexible.

You may refer to our Plans and Pricing page for more details on pricing and features of each plan.