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The Best Commenting Platform For Your Website

Hyvor Talk is a privacy-focused, fully-featured commenting platform.

Install Hyvor Talk
Easy Installation
Embed comments on any CMS or static site using plugins or manual installation code.
Fully Customizable
Only a few clicks needed to customize the comments section to make it feel like a part of your website, not an external plugin.
Privacy-first, No Ads
Hyvor Talk protects end-user privacy "by design", and we are GDPR Compliant. No affilliate links, tracking codes, or ads placed on your website.
Top-notch Moderation
Moderation shoud be fun. IP moderation, shadow banning, trusting, assigning badges, email moderation, and many more options to make your life easier!

Just 3 Steps

Signup to Hyvor Talk and add your website's name and domain to the console.
Copy & Paste
Copy the given code and paste it in your website's source code.
Customize & Enjoy
Customize the colors, ui, and texts and enjoy Hyvor Talk on your website.

14 Days Trial

Enjoy all features for 14 days. No credit card required.

(Unlimited pageviews in the trial period)

More Features

Hyvor Talk is a fully-featured commenting system. Here are some of them.

Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Easily set up Single Sign-On to allow users to comment using their accounts on your system. See SSO guide.
Import Comments
Importing Comments
Import your previous comments from WordPress or Disqus to Hyvor Talk in a few clicks. See Importing guide.
Export Comments
You own your data. Export them anytime in JSON format to backup or import to another place. It's just one click!
Thanks to our contributors, Hyvor Talk is available in multiple languages. If not yet translated to your language, you can even translate it by yourself.
English Spanish Portuguese
And more
WordPress Plugin
30% of publishers use WordPress. Are you one of them? Install our official WordPress plugin.
Email Notifications
Email Notifications
Users receive email notifications when someone replies to their comments. They will revisit your website often, and it will increase the traffic to your website.
For Teams
For Teams & Companies
Add your team members as admins and moderators, and let them help you with administration and moderation.
No Spam
No Spam
The in-built spam detector detects spam comments based on user reputation, included links, and many factors. You can add your own rules too.
Pre Modeartion
Like to hold all the comments until moderated? Turn on pre-moderation. You can turn on it only for guest comments too.