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Write amazing comments
We are optimized to let you write awesome comments, giving you the best user-friendly commenting experience with our beautifully crafted web-interfaces.
Everything in real-time!
We serve comments in real-time to all the users who are online at the moment. Only the comments? No. Reactions, upvotes, downvotes, replies, comment deleting and comment editing just works perfectly in real-time. It's time to migrate from your old comment system to Hyvor Talk to experience the greatness of the real-time commenting.
Express Your Reactions
After reading a blog post or article, we have a reaction for it. Hyvor Talk helps users to express it easily. No more plugins needed. Let us handle everything.
Code Highlighting
Dear Developers, we know how much code highlighting is needed for you. Hyvor Talk is capable of highlighting your code with even auto-detection. Hyvor Talk supports 24 different language syntax, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python and C++
Emotions ;)
Everyone has emotions. Hyvor Talk let you express them using beautiful emojis. Choose the best one among 1568 emojis which matches your emotions. Then, share it easily within your comments.
Hyvor Talk looks awesome on any website!
See the demos and find out how much Hyvor Talk is customizable.
The Secret
Change appearance sections helps you with making Hyvor Talk looking the same as your webpage, not as an external plugin.
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