You can import your old comments to Hyvor Talk using the import tool in the Console. These are the supported platforms:

See Custom Importing if you want to import from a platform that is not listed above.

Facts & Limitations

Custom Importing

You can go for a custom import if:

Custom imports require an annual business subscription. Our team will handle everything for you when you provide us the export file. Contact us at [email protected]. Custom imports can take 3-4 business days to complete.

How to import

Import to Hyvor Talk:

It usually takes about 1 minute per 2,000 comments to import. However, it may take longer depending on the server load. You can check the status in the Console.

Selecting the identifier type ⚠️

Selecting the correct identifier type is important to make sure the comments are displayed correctly after importing. Hyvor Talk (like other platforms) uses an ID to identify each page. This is set in the page-id attribute of the embed code. If you have not set it, it will be the URL of the page.

When importing, make sure to use the same identifier type as the one you will be using with Hyvor Talk. WordPress and Disqus importing supports the following identifier types:


See how to export from your platform.


Export from Disqus:


Export from WordPress:

Hyvor Talk

See Exporting.